How I’m Going to Make 2021 My Year

New Years Eve

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Holy smokes guys…2020…butt! Here we are December 31, 2020 and I finally feel like I can semi-sorta talk about it. One of the largest lessons I’ve learned this year is that I was less okay than I thought. The second sh*t hit the fan…my most unhealthy…unhelpful…and unproductive old habits snuck their way back into my life. (And they hung around for far too long.) 2021 begins tomorrow, and regardless of what the world tries to throw at me, I’m determined to make it my year.

Healing Begins at The Root

It took me many months to come to terms with this. Realizing that I needed to take a different approach this time and really heal at the root. One major way I plan to do this is by starting therapy again. I went for a month or so at the start of 2020. However I didn’t really have a “reason” to go and therefore felt I wasn’t getting too much out of it. This go around…I have some plans, goals, and places I want to go.

New Years Resolution

Setting my Intentions for 2021

To start things off on the right foot…I want to set my intentions for 2021. I’m gonna do this by making a vision board. I’ve made a few in past years and truly feel like they’ve manifested some major growth in my life.

I like to look through an assortment of magazines, cut out anything that pops out to me, and then collage them together on a poster board. I then frame it, stick it in my room, and barely look at it until next New Years Eve. It is pretty wild to look back and see where your head and heart was a year ago. I love having something to reflect on and see how similar or different my actual year went.


Oh, All The Places She’ll Go…

This year feels big to me. I will be turning the big old whopping age of THIRTY! This age has always held huge significance for me and I don’t take it lightly. I plan to move out this year as well. I’ve lived in my parents home from the ages of 0-18 then 23-29. I want to be brave and go on more dates. To learn more about myself and more about what I am looking for in a forever partner. I also have big dreams and goals for Grace and Lipstick! I’d love to incorporate a more in person, service based aspect into 2021. (hint hint) This is something I had expected to be able to start in 2020…but clearly the world had a different plan.

Aly Christine

Reasons why 2020 wasn’t the ABSOLUTE worst

There are so many things I am grateful for that happened in 2020! I got to spend a lot more time at home with my parents. Time that would have otherwise been spent being busy elsewhere. I don’t imagine I’ll ever have another opportunity like this year to have done that. I also got to help care for my 100 year old Grandma Jessie and my three year old niece Olivia. Being able to witness them having a relationship has been the BIGGEST blessing.

Quarantine Hair Don’t Care

I helped navigate the administrative side of Hair Salons being shut down. Communicating with all of my sister’s clientele, then scheduling, and rescheduling each time the Government chose to force closure. We even temporarily jumped into the hat selling business which was a fun short lived adventure. Who knew we could have still been doing this until this day (face palm).

Making Memories out of Moments

I had the most unique and creative hang outs with old and new friends alike! This took a range of turns from hiking, oceanside walks, picnics, kiddie pools in backyards, FaceTime makeup dates, and Zoom birthday parties. I was so lucky and thankful to take a few road trips to see some family and friends who live a far. Even though we couldn’t do the typical activities we were used to…we made the most of it and made the BEST memories through a tough year.

Missed Connection…with God?

One of the BIGGEST blessings of 2020 has been digital gatherings through my Church Reality LA. Having the consistency of gathering (virtually) every Sunday with my Church family and even my immediate family was a stronghold I needed.

However, although I was so grateful for all that was provided, I deeply mourned the loss of in person gatherings. Being able to get dressed, drive out, serve in the Kids Min, and experience corporate worship is something I’ll never take for granted. Not being able to attend a weekly community group with people I grew to love, praying together, eating together, celebrating together, deeply saddened me.

New Years

What My Biggest Struggle of 2020 Was

If there is one area I wish went different this year…it would be my time spent with God. When life truly got tough, was confusing, was painful, and troubling….I didn’t turn to God as much as I thought I would. Instead I filled my days with Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube. I turned to wine nights, and White Claws, comfort food, and bad habits. These things in and of themselves are not bad. However for me, I used to them to cope, to numb, and to get by.

Due to this…I struggled through 2020 far more than necessary. I know that I could have taken a different route, and I plan to in 2021. Which is why I want to start with going to therapy. Hitting my issues at the root will flow into my healthy coping mechanisms. I will turn to my Bible, to prayer, to exercise, to fueling my body, to writing here on this blog! All things I’ve done in the past and loved..but didn’t turn to when things got tough.

My 2021 New Year Resolution

Vision Board

If I had to pick a New Year resolution for 2021 that would be it. To put the work into myself necessary to thrive and grow into the woman I know God made me to be. I am confident that with God I can do all things. The verse I have meditated on throughout 2020 was Isaiah 41:10

Do not fear for I am with you; do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will hold on to you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

The verse I plan to meditate on throughout 2021 is Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

2020 will forever be a year that we remember. A year when life turned into something none of us could have ever expected! I want to make 2021 the same for myself. I want it to be a year that I will always remember and turn my life into something I never could have expected. With God by my side, I know that it’s possible. Let’s get to it!

xoxo Aly

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