All The Things I’ve Purchased on Amazon During The Pandemic

2020 Amazon Haul

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2020 Amazon Haul

Basically, I’ve been spending a lot of time shopping online. It is a habit I worked hard to break. Thanks to all of the time we have been spending at home in 2020 [thank you, Covid-19], Amazon and I have become best friends again. So I wanted to post a round up for you of all the things I’ve purchased on Amazon since we were hit with a worldwide pandemic. [All items will be linked with my Amazon Affiliate code so shopping through them will help support Grace and Lipstick]

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t fully aware of JUST how many things i’ve ordered in the last 4 months. When I was going through my order history to prepare for this Amazon Haul, I was honestly surprised. So we are really exposing myself here…just know…this was a result of years of restraint lol. In the interest of organization, I’m gonna go month by month. So here we go.

April || Pandemic Amazon Haul

1. Wireless Car Charger/Automatic Clamping Mount

Wireless Car Charger Mount

I remember the moment when I ordered this first item. I had been budgeting for MONTHS and was being very strict. I decided to just do it, and I ordered the wireless charging phone mount for my car. I needed a new car charger because mine died, and I stumbled upon this super high tech phone mount that charged your phone wirelessly. So naturally I still needed to purchase the adapter that actually allows your car to charge your phone. I chose this one that claimed to be SUPER FAST for $16. These were the purchases that started it all, haha.

Wireless Car Charger Mount
Wireless Car Charger Mount

It has been a few months of using this phone charger/car mount contraption and I love it! It automatically opens up for me to place my phone down, and it slowly closes it’s arms and embraces my phone. Because I have an iPhone XS it has the capability to charge wirelessly which I didn’t even know before. The one snag is that I do have to remove my loopy case in order to use it. Which for me isn’t a problem because I don’t want to live with out either item. [If you have a normal case that doesn’t have a pop socket or loopy, you don’t have to remove it]

2. In-Shower Shampoo Brush/Head Massager

Shampoo Brush Head Massager

Being someone who doesn’t shampoo their hair everyday…hair washing days are a big deal. I already double wash most of the time, but I heard about a tool called a shampoo brush. Basically it is a little handheld tool that has silicone tips. I like to lather the shampoo at my roots first then I use this handheld tool to massage my scalp and work the shampoo down towards my ends.

Not only does this shampoo brush ensure you are getting a thorough wash, but it also gives you a scalp massage. Scalp massage is beneficial to your overall scalp health which will also promote healthier hair and more hair growth. Even further I feel like it helps keep my hair from tangling because I use it to comb my shampoo down rather than scrunching all my hair to my scalp.

3. Mason Jar Lids with Metal Straws

Bamboo Mason Jar Lid

Ok so we have Tik Tok and whipped coffee to thank for this find! I saw a girl on Tik Tok drinking her whipped coffee in the CUTEST cup and lucky for me…she linked it. It’s actually a pack of four bamboo lids with holes for a straw that fit any wide mouthed mason jar. The pack also comes with four metal straws. One thing to note: these are not dishwasher safe! Learned that the hard way lol. [*Update they now have a six pack for the same price I purchased four for!*]

I was thankful that I had a few wide mouth tall jars handy and didn’t have to buy any! But in case you want to try this out and do not have any, I’ve linked those here too.

May || Pandemic Amazon Haul

1. 12 Pack Metal Straws: Tall and Short

Amazon Haul

Okay so when the bamboo lids I ordered surprisingly came with metal straws…I was hooked. Someone I follow on Instagram linked these and I ordered them on a whim. I can now tell you it was SUCH A GOOD BUY. These are my go-to straws now. I’m a huge straw user because I have a huge hole in my lip and will spill while drinking with any other style.

The cool thing about this pack is that six of them are for tall cups and six are for shorter cups. Beyond that, half of them are completely straight, and half of them are slightly bent at the top. This is your one stop shop for metal straws haha. There’s nothing more I could ask for.

2. Tilted Dog Bowl for Short Snouts

Tilted Dog Bowl

I have a Boston Terrier who has a very short snout. Because of this, he has difficulty eating out of regular bowls. I had found the cutest little pink bowl set from Home Goods. Every time I fed him, he would accidentally spill the food out of the sides and get it stuck underneath. It was a huge pain. I went on the hunt for the perfect dog bowl made specifically for short snouted dogs.

That is when I stumbled upon this tilted dog bowl. Not only is it designed to make eating easier for my dog, but it was the perfect color for my room! It’s very lightweight, dishwasher safe, and we’ve had zero spills ever since purchasing it!

June || Pandemic Amazon Haul

1. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack of 6

This is an item I’ve had in my ‘saved for later’ for years! I finally purchased it thanks to my pandemic shopping spree and it didn’t disappoint. These are little razors with a guard made specifically for your face. I purchased them with the hopes of possibly trying to ‘dermaplane’ my face at home. However, I’ve yet to be so brave!

I do however frequently use them to trim up any hair between my brows, on my lip, or near my side burns. They are quick, easy and affordable!

2. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

For years I have been hearing about the wonders of cleaning with a microfiber cloth. Not only are they super soft and the perfect size, but I hear they grow less bacteria too! Once again, I had these in my ‘saved for later’ file for MONTHS maybe even more than a year. Thankfully, I finally gave in and ordered them because they work so well! This pack comes with 6 and they are a great size for cleaning. I keep them handy and folded in my room next to my Thieves All Purpose Cleaner. I use them to dust, to clean surfaces and for my mirrors/windows! They are soft while being heavy duty and don’t leave lint behind! Win Win Win.

3. Spa Facial Headband Wrap

Spa Headband

I purchased this eight pack of spa facial headbands to keep my hair back when washing my face or applying a skincare mask. I had been using a fluffy colorful headband that I washed maybe once a week. Sometimes it would get makeup on it and I felt like it just wasn’t hygienic enough. Especially because I’ve been dealing with more temperamental skin lately, I figured having a fresh and clean headband everyday would be useful. These are comfortable, adjustable and easy to throw in the wash. I never run out because there are eight and I use one a day.

4. Foot File Callus Remover

Foot Callus File

Confession time: a big reason why I have ordered so much from Amazon during this pandemic is because of Amazon Hauls. It started with someone I already follow making one, and then I began to hunt them out. This foot file purchase was definitely a result of watching someones Amazon Haul on YouTube lol.

Especially because nail salons are shut down and I am not able to get my monthly pedicure…now was the time to order this. Basically its a grater for your feet. I walk barefoot 80 percent of my life. So the rough spots on my feet get pretty rough without pedicures. After using this once in the shower…my feet were significantly softer!

Warning though!! I did cut myself the second time using it because it probably shouldn’t be used more than once a week. If that! So my advice is to use it sparingly and also keep it to the roughest areas and BE CAREFUL!

5. Fluffy House Slippers

Amazon Haul

These fluffy house slippers were definitely purchased at the same time as the foot file. They go hand in hand. Once again…I became victim to the Amazon hauls on YouTube lol. I will say..this is one of my favorite purchases this entire year! I wear them everyday and they are SO comfortable. They have a hard bottom so if I do take them outside it’s not the end of the world. I’ve actually left the house on accident while wearing them more than once…#embarrassing.

Also! I have hand washed them, because they are white they do get dingy, and they totally came out looking good as new! I was worried the fluffiness wouldn’t be the same. Once they’re dry, I simply brushed them out and voilá, fluffiness restored!

6. Acrylic Makeup Sponge Holder

Acrylic Makeup Sponge Holder

This acrylic box is the perfect way to store your makeup sponges on your vanity or bathroom sink. I have a similar acrylic holder that I store my makeup brushes in and it keeps the dust off and looks chic. This acrylic sponge box has room for up to four sponges. There are holes drilled into the back allowing for air flow even when the container is closed. This makes it so the damp sponges can dry out between uses.

Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder

The reason I need this is because it keeps your sponge from getting dirty by dust landing on it, or other makeup getting all over it by storing it in your drawer/makeup bag. It also complements my brush holder well and makes my vanity look cute and organized!

7. Colorful Tie Dye Two Piece Swimsuit

Amazon Haul

Being unable to visit the beach or pools during the lockdown, the backyard kiddie pool started to look quite appealing. I wanted to find a new suit for this summer and was determined to find a two piece that still had good coverage. Thanks to YouTube try on hauls I found this super cute, comfortable and affordable swimsuit. I never would have purchased it based on the product photos alone. After seeing it on a real body I could tell the style was right up my alley.

Not only is this swimsuit cute and affordable but its very comfortable as well! I did order one size too big but decided to keep it anyway. It fit well enough to sit in a kiddie pool.

8. Coffee Syrup Mason Jar Pumps and Espresso Spoons

Amazon Haul

I decided to put these items together because I purchased them both for the coffee bar I was helping my parents put together. We purchased a backless bookcase and the coffee syrups with pumps were too tall for the shelf. I found these lids with pumps that screw onto a standard mason jar. They are super cute and claim to not only pump coffee syrup but honey too! We haven’t tried the honey yet, but they work great for the coffee syrup. They also look way nicer aesthetically than the original bottles would have.

We also wanted to have something handy to stir in coffee add-in but I wasn’t interested in using wooden sticks or plastic straws. These tiny black espresso spoons were the perfect purchase! They look very classy and chic displayed in a small ceramic pot. There is enough where we don’t need to worry about running out and they are a great quality.

July || Pandemic Amazon Haul

1. Super Soft Joggers

I’m pretty sure I was randomly watching Amazon Hauls [again] when I saw someone talk about these joggers. They had purchased a white pair and raved about them. Being more a black pant than a white pant girl, I decided to purchase this pair of black joggers. I was pleasantly surprised by how SOFT these were. They are a different material than any other I own. They are light enough for our SoCal summer and also warm enough for a chilly night.

2. Nut Milk Bag

For the longest time I had wanted to try making my own almond milk. For an embarrassingly amount of time…I avoided actually doing it because I thought it would be an ordeal. Luckily, one of my favorite influencers linked this nut milk bag and once I purchased it I had no excuse! Much to my surprise…making your own almond milk is SO easy! These bags worked very well and I’m so glad that I bought them because I am hooked!

3. Vintage Looking Label Maker

I bought this hand held label maker after borrowing my sister’s to make labels for the coffee syrup mason jars (mentioned above). Since purchasing I’ve used it for many things and am on a labeling frenzy. It came with a few rolls of tape and is small enough to store easily. I love the look of the vintage labels it makes way better than the white printed ones that come from a way more expensive label maker.

4. Pink Silicone Bath Body Brush

Ok so clearly…I purchased this because it’s cute…and pink, haha! In all honesty though, I had been wanting to purchase a silicone loofa anyway. The traditional poof ball loofas harbor a lot of bacteria and need to be disposed of and replaced often. Silicone can be completely sanitized and doesn’t harbor as much bacteria. Therefore making this pink silicone body brush purchase 100 percent valid in my opinion lol.

5. Pure Jojoba Oil

I recently discovered the amazing world of OIL CLEANSING. There are a multitude of oils that one can use to oil cleanse. The YouTuber I was watching who educated me on it however, used this one. I have used it in conjunction with castor oil, and I have used it on it’s own. So far I have no complaints. It works well, the dropper is very handy and easy to use, and I’ve had no skin reaction to it that is negative! All in all its a good oil!

6. Velvet Knotted Pearl Headbands

Velvet Pearl Knotted Headband

My cousin actually turned me on to these super cute velvet knotted pearl headbands. I used to think this style looked terrible on me but I tried hers on once and she hyped me up enough to be convinced. I cut myself some bangs during this pandemic (face palm) and these headbands are perfect on days where I don’t want to style my hair. They’re a surprisingly good quality considering the price. Also these aren’t too tight on my large head which is a big bonus!

7. Long Sleeve Cotton Peplum Top

Cotton Peplum Long Sleeve Top

I’ve definitely noticed a theme here…I purchased this long sleeve cotton peplum top after searching for an Amazon try-on haul lol. I’m actually wearing it right now as I’m writing this! I got up quickly to snap the photo above! This top is the perfect option for when you want to be extremely comfortable…but still a little bit cute haha. It doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything more than a comfy house shirt. I definitely recommend!

8. Leopard Keychain Bracelet

Leopard Keychain Bracelet

This purchase honestly makes me laugh! I almost ordered it as a joke…thinking that I would most likely end up returning it. However….I actually really like it! I am always trying to hold a million things at once. Especially when I am going either to or from the car. So having this keychain bracelet to throw on my wrist is actually so useful! I’ve also been going on more walks and hikes lately and it makes it easier to carry my car keys hands free!

9. Microfiber Facial Cloths

Microfiber Facial Towels

Wow, we have officially made it to my most recent Amazon purchase! I didn’t think I would ever get to the end of this list lol. These pink microfiber facial cloths were purchased so I can use a fresh and clean cloth to dry my face every day. Before this I had a designated face cloth that I used and washed every week. However now that I am oil cleansing much more often, the counter gets pretty messy every time. So I use one of these microfiber facial cloths to dry my clean face then wipe up the counter. These cloths are drastically different than the aforementioned cleaning cloths. They are softer (hows that even possible?!) and smaller. They also have a little loop that makes it easy to hang up!

Pandemic Amazon Haul

Pandemic Amazon Haul

That is everything that I ordered on Amazon during the worldwide pandemic! Well, the interesting stuff at least haha! I definitely left out a few basics like dog food, gifts, and headphone pad replacements. I hope that you found yourself inspired to try some new things! There is just something so special about receiving packages. Its like Christmas! Anyways I cant believe I got this beast of a post done. Its been a while since I posted a blog so it took a second to get back into the groove. Let me know…did you enjoy this? Should I do another roundup Amazon Haul in a few months?

xoxo Aly

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  1. Love this amazon Haul! I am going to buy all of this stuff! Thanks so much for sharing and the reviews! 💕love you

  2. Love everything you got! Definitely makes me want to make some Amazon purchases of my own! Want those slippers.. so cute!

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