Brow Lamination: What Is It, and Do You Need It?

Brow Lamination

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Brow Lamination: [v] The microblading alternative taking over England [that] fills in gaps in brows and gives them the illusion of fullness and growth in a fast, non-invasive way. –

Brow Lamination

So I heard of this new thing called brow lamination. And conveniently, I came across it at the same time I began toying around with feathery, bold brows. At the time, I was using a spoolie with a bar of soap, and basically pasting my brows into position. I would then follow that with a light brow pencil (a favorite is the Covergirl Micro-Fine + Define Pencil) or brow gel application (like the Covergirl Easy Breezy Brow Shape + Define Eyebrow Mascara).

Therefore naturally, when I heard of brow lamination, I was 100% intrigued and ready to test out the newest beauty trend. Lucky for me, my brow tech, Jackie, picked up a set and was gonna start offering the service. I immediately hit her up and volunteered as tribute haha! This is my story of trying Brow Lamination for the first time.

Before and After Getting Your Brows Laminated

On the day of my appointment, I showed up makeup completely makeup free. So keep that in mind when looking at my before and afters.

Brow Lamination

In the first photo, you can clearly see that I was due for a wax. Besides that, you can see that my brow hairs lay either flat, or downwards. Which is the complete opposite of the aesthetic I’m going for.

In the afters….I look….scary lol. Let’s just be honest… However! There is an explanation for that, and I think it is the perfect segue into explaining the process of Brow Lamination.

How Does Brow Lamination Work?

Brow Lamination

The solution used to perform the brow lamination is not that different, if at all different, from the solution used for lash perming. The most important thing to note is that you wanna make sure the solution is safe to be applied directly onto skin.

After the solution is applied, a strip of plastic wrap is set over your eyebrows to process. After a few rounds of applying product, brushing into place, and wiping away, the brows were set. [Note: as I was the one getting the service done, I did not get to see exactly what the process involved.] But this is what I felt.

After they were set, Jackie waxed my eyebrows. She told me that I would need to leave them in the position they were placed for at least 24 hours. Also I had to try not get them wet for 24-48 hours. This is because the brow hairs are still taking shape and molding to their new position. This explains the slightly frightening ‘after’ photos lol.

Were The Final Results Worth It?

After waiting and waiting, I was able to fully wash them and experience them in all of their ‘laminated’ glory. I can confidently say, they no longer look scary haha. For me personally, they don’t look much different when they are sitting in their untouched state. However, I no longer feel the need to use soap to paste them into place. I can simply grab a spoolie and brush them up. They behave better and do what I tell them lol. I use a little brow gel to hold them in place all day. Here are a series of photos I took multiple different days post brow lamination. Keep in mind that I have makeup on in most of these photos!

Should You Get Your Brows Laminated?

After living my daily life for almost five weeks now with laminated brows, I am a believer. For someone like me, who has course and stubborn DISOBEDIENT brow hairs, I would recommend it. I can only speak on that type of brow however. I’ve heard of people with more fine, sparse hair getting it done as well! I think they would also benefit from getting their eyebrows tinted on top of lamination. If you are unhappy with how your current eyebrows lay, especially if you like to put makeup on them, give it a try! It can’t hurt right? They last 8-12 weeks and if you don’t love them no harm no foul.

I definitely think that I will continue to maintain my eyebrow lamination. It makes doing my makeup a lot quicker and easier. Let me know if you are considering getting your eyebrows laminated in the comments below! And feel free to ask any questions as well! If you are looking for more brow content check out my battle with the bad brow here. Thanks for being here!

xoxo Aly


Brow Lamination
Brow Lamination
Brow Lamination

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