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Halo Highlight

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Blondes have more fun. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. I’m not making that claim…however what I am saying is: being blonde is definitely more work! I have been maintaining and adding to the blonde in my hair for at least five years. Luckily, my sister and I do each others hair as a trade. This is what makes being blonde ‘affordable’ for me. However what about people who want to be blonde but aren’t millionaires? That is where the halo highlight comes in!

Affordable Blonde

Let’s Talk: Being Blonde

Affordable Blonde

I feel like it’s necessary to start with talking about the process of being blonde. Typically a full head of highlights is recommended to be retouched every 6-8 weeks. This is because traditional highlights leave a straight harsh line of demarkation when your hair grows. Luckily, the hair industry has evolved. With more advanced, detailed, and intricate techniques, stylists are able to make people blonde without the harsh grow out! This means that clients can go anywhere from 8 to 16 to sometimes 24 weeks between full highlights!

However there is a catch! These techniques take a lot more product, a lot more time, and therefore cost a lot more. Not to mention the amount of time and money your stylist has spent to LEARN these techniques. Like I said, being blonde is a lot of work! Sometimes this reality puts being blonde out of reach for a good amount of people!

The Halo Highlight

Affordable Blonde

So back to why I’ve brought you here: the halo highlight. My appointment for a full head of blonding has taken up to eight hours in the past! We have actually started breaking my full retouches up into two 3-4 hour appointments. This is because I have a lot of hair that is thick, course, and dark. My sister is also a very detailed perfectionist.

One day on Instagram, I saw a stylist talking about the Halo Highlight. This is where you section out a 2 inch perimeter and focus all of your highlights here, leaving the entire middle untouched. I have been letting my hair grow out for a few months and embracing the more root-y, dimmensional blonde look. I could have let it go longer, however, I was not opposed to the idea of a more intentional root-y blonde look. So I told my sister that we were going to try this out at my next appointment.

How The Halo Highlight Works

I decided to vlog my entire appointment, because getting to see the halo highlight in action is WAY better than reading about it! So without further adieu here is my vlog from getting my hair done in the salon.

[I wanted to quickly note that I edited this video using the Splice app on my iPhone. This was the best option in order to get this video and blog post live as soon as I did. However there was ONE feature that wasn’t ideal. Anytime I trimmed a clip, the audio would automatically taper off and there was NO WAY for me to fix it. That is why our voices sometimes get quite near the end of a clip. I decided to move forward regardless because I was eager to get it live! Hopefully you could still get the gist of what we were saying]

Why The Halo Highlight Is More Affordable

Affordable Blonde

Now that you have gone with me to the salon, lets talk about why this appointment is more affordable! In the past I’ve gone in for ‘partial’ retouches and they’ve still ended up being minimum 4 hours. For a client, that is a pricey day. For those who can only afford a full blown blonde-ing session one or two times a year…the halo highlight is the perfect solution for a more affordable retouch in between!

The key to this service is to manage your expectations. Only about 1/8 of my hair was actually worked on. So I knew the before and after would be subtle. For me…it was worth it! Before, I knew my hair looked okay, but I also felt that it looked grown out. It wasn’t fresh. Now that I have my halo highlight retouch…its a brand new look and feels fresh.

The Takeaway

Affordable Blonde

Lets be honest, getting a quarter highlight, a face framing highlight, a little sprinkle of blonde…isn’t a new thing. The halo highlight is just another version; another technique. What I like most about it is how precise it is. Simple and to the point. There isn’t much room for you to get more than you ask for. The price point, and the amount of time you sit in the salon chair, is much more predictable. For those who are on a tight budget, this is exactly the type of in between appointment you want.

I had SO MUCH fun writing this post for you guys and filming/editing this vlog. It was extremely impromptu, I didn’t even know I was getting my hair done that day. So I truly hope you enjoyed learning more about the behind the scenes of a retouch appointment. Let me know what the most suprising thing you learned from this vlog was in the comments below! And always feel free to leave any questions you may have! Thanks for being here!

xoxo Aly

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