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Yes, you definitely read that title correctly. I am going to fast from all Social Media for the entire month of February. This has been a long time coming and I feel like now is the time. I just finished January Whole 30 and it was the best way to start 2021. Now I feel re-set in my grocery shopping, cooking, and eating habits. What comes next is how I spend my spare time. That is where this February fast from social media begins.

What’s The Problem With Social Media?

Social media applications are addicting and it is a hard habit to break when my iPhone is glued to my hand all day. I’ve always worked on setting boundaries, deleting the apps here and there over the years. However after living through a world-wide pandemic, I fear the need to be up-to-date has grown deeper. Its as if I am seeking connection through this little brick screen when it really only leaves me feeling lonely.

The Things I Love About Social Media

Don’t get me wrong, I love creating content and interacting with people who benefit from what I’m putting out there. I also love all the things that I learn and relate to from other people! Its the moments where I am not learning or teaching that I find feel empty. Not to mention it is such a TIME SUCK. It is so easy to fill every spare, slow moment, with scrolling. There are SO many other things that I’d rather be doing. Like making more blog posts!

What I’ll Be Doing During My February Fast From Social Media

This may be too ambitious but I have a lot of things I’d like to do during my February fast from social media. Realistically I know I may not be able to accomplish them all. However I’m hoping that by detoxing off Social Media I’ll have healthier habits for time management.

Feeding My Soul

Phillipians 4:13

First off, i’d like to read my Bible and pray more. I do take time most mornings to read a devotional and a few verses but it’s almost just to check it off. Then I immediately get on my phone after. I hope to use my time reading more in general.

Engaging With Grandma

I also would like to spend more time actively engaging with Grandma Jessie. For those who don’t already know, I am the caretaker for my 100 year old Grandmother Monday through Friday. Due to the fact that our lifestyle has changed drastically over the last year [thank you pandemic] I’ve noticed a shift in Grandma. She isn’t getting the same stimulation and interaction she used to when we would go out grocery shopping, or visit the salon. I want to be more intentional with doing physical therapy with her and getting her out of the house once a day. (In the safest way possible, of course).

Invest In Other Hobbies

Thirdly, I’d like to spend more time doing leisurely things that I love. Investing into hobbies I’ve been neglecting. That can range from a plethora of things like blogging more, sewing more, taking Schroeder for a walk, playing volleyball, going for a bike ride, or going to the beach. These things could easily happen far more often than they do…if I wasn’t so consumed by watching other people do it on social media.

Appreciate Where I Am At Currently

Lastly, there is a possibility that I will finally be moving out of my parents home at the beginning of March. I’m still waiting to hear back whether or not my application has been approved. If it does end up being approved, I would like to declutter and organize all of my belongings to prepare for the move. I’d like to spend more time enjoying the time I have living here, with my parents, with my Grandma, in my child-hood home.

Are You Going To Do A February Fast From Social Media?

I’ve been procrastinating writing this post about my February fast from Social Media. Today is February 1st so technically I will be deleting my apps by the end of today. My hesitation and resistance to this is only highlighting the deep need I have to do it. I’m excited for all the ways I can grow and be challenged over this month. I’ll do a recap of how it goes and post that for you in March! If you related to any of the things I shared above, maybe it’s time to consider a fast from social media yourself! We can do it together!

xoxo Aly


All of the photos from this post are glimpses of my vision board for 2021. I talked more about my vision for this year in my last post here. It felt fitting to share them on this post because I a lot of the reasons I am doing this social media fast are clipped onto my board.

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