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InCommon Beauty Haircare

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Hello beauties! The time has finally come where I can share with you…my HONEST opinion on the new celebrity hair care line InCommon Beauty. [2023 UPDATED review here!] For those of you who may not know, Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee own 901 Salon in West Hollywood. They have clients ranging from Julianne Hough, to Steven Tyler, to Selena Gomez. Together they created their haircare brand InCommon Beauty and launched their entire shampoo and conditioning collection this past July. Today I will give you my honest, completely unbiased review after testing the product line on my long, thick, course, heavily processed blonde hair.

What is InCommon Beauty?

Incommon Beauty products on wood background

Currently InCommon beauty offers a total of six products and two additional salon only treatments. Today we are going to focus on the retail which consists of: a universal shampoo, conditioning mask, three in shower enhancers, and a post shower spray. [UPDATE September 2020: I’ve been using this product line solely and am obsessed! I am going to write an updated review soon.] <—THE UPDATED REVIEW HAS BEEN POSTED!! 2023 REVIEW OF IN COMMON BEAUTY

Clear Haze Universal Shampoo

Clear Haze Universal Shampoo

The first thing to know about Clear Haze Universal Shampoo is that it comes out as a foam rather than the typical shampoo texture. According to incommonbeauty.com this shampoo is good for ALL hair types and can be used daily. Not only does it remove any buildup of dirt, oil and/or hair products but it also hydrates, balances the moisture levels of your hair and preps it to receive the benefits of their in shower enhancers. 

My Experience with Clear Haze Universal Shampoo

The first time I used this shampoo I made sure to shake the bottle vigorously. I then applied what I had assumed was a decent sized dollop to my hand. After attempting to scrub my hair and make a lather I realized I hadn’t used enough. This product line definitely has a learning curve. Because this shampoo is a foam it took a few attempts to get my groove. 

What i’ve learned is that you don’t have to be stingy and can start with a massive dollop of foam. You aren’t going to run out too fast either! My shampoo has lasted a decent amount of washes so far. I also will go back for seconds and sometimes thirds for my long, super course, blonde hair. 

What I love about this shampoo is that firstly, it’s fun. Haha! The foam is a new experience! After shampooing my thick hair for all these years it added a new level of excitement. Second I feel like it gives my three day [sometimes four] dirty hair a deep cleanse without harmfully stripping it of it’s natural oils and moisture. My hair always feels squeaky clean. I’m a big fan.

Mohave Rain, Mended Sea and Static Silk Enhancers

Mended Sea Strengthening Enhancer

InCommon Beauty offers three in shower enhancers meant to be used after you rinse your shampoo, but before you apply your hair mask. Each enhancer tackles a unique hair dilemma. [I only had one on hand when I shot these hence the lonely Mended Sea]

Mohave Rain Moisturizing Enhancer

Mohave Rain is for those who are in need of deep moisture. Whether you have naturally dry hair, have color treated hair, or use a lot of heat on your hair, this enhancer claims to deliver intense hydration. A key ingredient in this enhancer is Watermelon Extract which is full of vitamins and promotes moisture and hydration.

Mended Sea Strengthening Enhancer

Mended Sea is for those who have fragile, breaking, or weak strands in need of repair and strengthening! If you have fine naturally weak hair, hair that has been chemically damaged or hair damaged by harsh elements such as the sun or sea, this enhancer claims to prevent split ends, strengthen hair fibers, and stimulate the hair follicle. A key ingredient in this enhancer is Babassu Oil which has intense conditioning and reparative properties.

Static Silk Smoothing Enhancer

Static Silk is for those who have unruly, frizzy, and course hair in need of taming and smoothing. Whether you have curly, fluffy, or just wire-y strands this enhancer claims to not only smooth out frizz but also adds shine! A key ingredient in this enhancer is Hyaluronic Acid which floods your strand with moisture resulting in smoother less tangly hair.

My Experience with the In Shower Enhancers

When I first got my hands on this product line, I only took home the Mohave Rain Moisturizing Enhancer. Like I’ve mentioned, I have long, course, heavily processed blonde hair and in the past have used very moisturizing products. However after my first attempt I was experiencing less than stellar results. I decided to try out the Mended Sea Enhancer because I thought maybe my strands needed more repair than moisture.

Alas I was still receiving similar disappointing results. So I called in to find out what I could be doing wrong. After speaking with my hairstylist and a member of InCommon Beauty staff, I resulted in giving the Static Silk Enhancer a try. I was also made aware that I wasn’t getting enough product out. The nozzle is strong and when my hands are wet they are slippery. This resulted in me not applying nearly as much product as I had been trying to. 

Now that I had tried out each enhancer on its own, making sure to use two hands to pump out the product onto my hair, I finally was seeing the results I was expecting! So what can we make of this discovery? Honestly, I boil it down to a very minor packaging issue. If the cap is replaced with a slightly more flexible spray button, then you could apply the enhancer easier while wet in the shower. 

As long as I am able to get a proper amount of product onto my hair I have been really enjoying the results. I honestly feel like I am loving using them all! At this time I don’t feel like I am favoring one over the other. So I plan to just cycle through them all depending on that day’s hair needs!

Velvet Cloud Universal Mask

Velvet Cloud Universal Mask

You may be confused to see that InCommon Beauty does not offer a conditioner. Instead they completely skipped that step and jumped straight into a hair mask. This universal mask is lightweight enough to be used as often as conditioner but has all of the benefits of an intense mask! According to incommon.com Velvet Cloud Universal Mask is packed with essential moisturizing ingredients that nourishes hair without weighing it down. 

My Experience with Velvet Cloud Universal Mask

Similarly to the in shower enhancers, the first time I used the Velvet Cloud Mask I wasn’t impressed. I have an area of unruly, course, and catchy hair right at the crown of my head. I hadn’t been struggling with that area prior to trying out this new line so I knew something was up. Post conversations with a member of the InCommon staff, they suggested I use a bit more of the mask since my hair is particularly longer and thicker.

This may seem like common sense, especially to a hair dresser like me. However, the unique packaging of Velvet Cloud, while really cool, made me feel like I was using too much. Instead of a pour spout or a typical hand pump, this mask is dispensed by pumping down a disk with a small hole in the center where the product comes up from. Having to press down on the device upwards to ten or more times was necessary in order for me to get enough product to adequately cover my hair. 

This could simply be fixed with better packaging. However, it may only be an issue for those like me who have copious amounts of hair. I’ve read reviews of people LOVING this packaging because it dispensed the perfect amount of product for their hair. So it is more of a personal issue.

Once I was using the proper amount of product, I began to see the grand results of moisturized, shiny hair. And it wasn’t being weighed down by a heavy mask. I absolutely love the way my hair feels when I rinse this product out and after it dries as well. 

Magic Myst Universal Elixir

Magic Myst

The last product to mention is actually the first one released by InCommon Beauty: Magic Myst Universal Elixir. This product is an all in one spray meant to be applied once you are out of the shower on towel dried hair. InCommon says that “Magic Myst reinforces, strengthens, and seals the cuticle to dramatically repair damage while detangling and protecting against daily heat styling.” Sounds like an all in one magic mist right?!

My Experience Using Magic Myst Universal Elixir

This is a product that from day one I have LOVED! It is tried and true. Great packaging, great smell, really easy to use and it works! After I shower, I wrap my hair in a hand towel [ps video how to do this here] and once i’m in my room, I de-wrap my hair, spray an ample amount all over and brush through with a wet brush.

Not only does this product help detangle my wet hair but it adds some insurance if I’m doing any heat styling. It is also packed with vitamins that are healthy for your hair and scalp to promote hair growth! 

Another huge bonus that sets this product apart from others is that you can use this on day two and three hair! I was skeptical of this claim. However, I am a huge wash twice a week fan, and I’ve tested this theory! It is awesome. If your ends are a bit dryer on day two, apply dry shampoo at your roots, spritz a small amount of this on your ends and brush it through. If you have curly hair or curled your hair the day before, spritz this over your ends and tousle/scrunch it in and it will bring your curls back to life! Game Changer. 

Overall Consensus and Opinion on InCommon Beauty

InCommon Beauty products

After learning all of the reasons why I should love InCommon Beauty’s products…and trying them for myself with some trial and error…I can confidently say it is Grace and Lipstick approved! I was so excited to try out these products. Mainly because they are hair stylist created and who better to know what hair really needs? This is a product line by stylists, FOR stylists, ultimately to get into the hands of all of you! 

I cannot wait to see what Riawna and Nikki have in store for us next. For a brand new company, there is bound to be a few kinks and misses here and there. For me to only have a few issues with some packaging is a huge win in my opinion! Easy fixings! 

I hope you all enjoyed this very honest and thorough review of InCommon Beauty! If you are interested in purchasing these products here is a link to their website where you can order online. You can also use their stylist search tool to find out who is retailing in a salon near you! 



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  1. The Velvet Cloud Mask sounds amazing! I have heavily bleached and colour-treated hair, so I’m always looking for new hair products that might work for my hair!

  2. I am first time hearing about this products. You have done an impressive and genuine review. I would love to try if this product if its available in nearby stores.

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