How The Hope Planner Changed My Life

The Hope Planner

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The Hope Planner

Hi friends, happy Wednesday! I know the title of this post may come across dramatic. However, it is true! This planner has truly been life changing! Today I wanted to share with you a dedicated post all about the Hope Planner. The Hope Planner is a faith based planner that I discovered and bought in January. Ever since, it has been a CRUCIAL tool to the success of many areas of my life. Therefore, I just have to share with you what it is and why I love it.

Lets Start With Why I Love The Hope Planner

The Hope Planner

Near the end of last year, I was chatting with my best friend about how we both wanted to spend more time in the Word and in prayer. I mentioned how I wanted to find a guided devotional that would direct me in the word. My friend said she would prefer something that left space for her to do her own bible study. Personally, I felt that having the guidance would be more practical for me. Needless to say, after this conversation not much progressed, lol. 

The Hope Planner

About a week later, I saw on Instagram a story from a friend who had received the Hope Planner. She casually flipped through and showed all the aspects. One of those being that there was space for you to have your own Bible study. Even though it was a faith based planner, there was no daily scripture or prompts. The only scripture provided was sprinkled through once a month. 

My interest was peaked. Having had that discussion with my bestie and hearing her perspective, I decided to challenge myself. I purchased this faith based planner that had space for Bible study but otherwise left you on your own. The rest is history. I never would have guessed how LIFE GIVING the Hope Planner would be for me. 

Why I Needed The Hope Planner

If you don’t already know, I work from home and juggle a multitude of passions and responsibilities. From caring for my 99 year old Grandma, managing a full time salon schedule, babysitting two wild boys, and creating content for Grace and Lipstick…my life can be hectic. Not to mention my desire to be active in my church community, maintain friendships and build relationships, and lead a healthy, active lifestyle. This planner was an answer to a prayer I didn’t even know I prayed! 

The Hope Planner

Not only was my day being started with time in the Bible and intentional prayer, but my life was getting organized! The style of this planner provided a practical way for me to see everything that was upcoming. While it also allowed me to focus on what I needed to get done that day. Ever since faithfully taking at least five minutes to start my day with the Hope Planner, I’ve seen GROWTH. Some days I would spend thirty minutes and others literally five minutes. Regardless of the time spent, I was simply loving it. 

Some Exciting News…

The Hope Planner

I began telling anyone and everyone who showed even the slightest interest about this planner. That is why it is so beyond exciting that Heather, the creator of the Hope Planner, has decided to invite me into her affiliate program! This means that I will earn a small commission off any planner purchased through my link. This is the first partnership i’ve done with Grace and Lipstick and I couldn’t imagine a better opportunity. This is a product that I genuinely love and has changed my life for the better! 

Now for even more exciting news…Heather has graciously agreed to host a giveaway of THREE planners to readers of Grace and Lipstick. I am so thankful and excited for this because I want this planner to get into the hands of more people! I believe in it that much. All you have to do to enter is (1) share this post to your social media (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc), (2) follow @graceandlipstick and on Instagram (IG), (3) like this post on IG and tag 3 friends in the comments. The three winners will be chosen at random and notified via DM on Sunday November 3, 2019.

Now Let Me Explain, What Is The Hope Planner?

The Hope Planner

Let’s begin with the basics. The Hope Planner is a six month planner that comes blank with a simple template that you get to fill in! That means you can purchase and start using this planner at ANY point throughout the year. It comes with stickers with the month on them that you apply on the tabs. Then you can fill in the name and numbers of each month and day. The reason it is only six months is because the creator, Heather Vreeland, wanted there to be a lot of room for planning, organizing, praying, journaling, and creativity. 

What Is Inside and Figuring Out Your Why

At the very front of the planner, there is a message from Heather, the creator, where she shares her heart and mission for creating the Hope Planner. There is an example of how to use the planner, followed by two prompts. Prompt one is a page dedicated to jotting down all the things you hope to accomplish this year. The second prompt is a page where you can write your why. Why did you buy this planner? Why is being in the Bible and praying important to you? 

The Hope Planner

Then you jump into organizing your first month. It begins with a full page dedicated to: (1) planning out what scripture you plan to study, (2) a memory verse you want to learn, (3) a place for encouraging words, (4) and what you want to make time for this month. Following that is a ‘projects’ section where you can list all the projects you want to get done and track your progress. Lastly an open area for notes! 

The Hope Planner

As you turn the page you now have a full two page spread for your monthly calendar. You get to fill this in with all the numbers and events you have coming up. There is also an area on the side where you can write out who and what you are praying for that month. 

Organizing Your Day

The Hope Planner

Now we are finally into the daily areas. Each day has it’s own page with Sunday having its own two page spread. Each day has an area for you to write scripture, an area to journal prayer, an area to write your to-do list, and an hour by hour schedule. Heather even threw in an area for you to plan dinner and track your water intake.

The Hope Planner

There is only so much I can show you about the Hope Planner through text and photos. You can also check them out on their website here. I also filmed an Instagram story I will have saved to my highlights for you to check out. The thought put into each page of this planner is so specific and there hasn’t been one area that I thought I could live without. 

What Are You Waiting For?

The Hope Planner

Looking back at my first Hope Planner that I used January-June this year, I can see how much more focused and accomplished I’ve been. Not only have I been more productive but my personal prayer life and time spent in the Bible has increased! I love looking back and checking in on my goals for the year and my ‘why’ for using this planner in the first place! I can’t emphasize how much this planner has enriched my life and I am so excited for more people to love it too. Let me know if you have any questions and make sure to join the giveaway!!!

Talk soon,

xoxo Aly

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  1. Isn’t it awesome when things come together for you like this? I’m so happy you have found what works so well for you!

  2. I just love planners! Actually I use one from the brand MRWONDERFUL and as you , i work from home, I am a mom and have so many task every day to complete. Let’s connect! 🙂

  3. This is so beautiful, I gotta get this planner! The funny thing is that last Sunday’s message from my Pastor was “ABIDE” John 15, so when I saw that I was like AAAAHHHH, YES!!!

  4. I love a good planner … This one looks lovely … A place to combine prayer, planning and organisation! Perfect 🌸

  5. I found writing down is the best way to stay focus and productive without missing any important tasks. What could be better way to stick to the routine with handy notes in the Planner. Hope Planner looks way more organized. Can’t wait to try.

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