How To Use A Hand Towel to Wrap Your Wet Hair

Hand Towel Head Wrap

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I’m pleased to see you’ve made it back to the wonderful world of Grace and Lipstick. Today I am going to share with you some key knowledge I learned in my time working in a hair salon. For me this knowledge was life changing and I truly believe it can be for some of you too. I am going to show you three different ways that you can use a hand sized towel to wrap your wet hair up after you wash it. Mind Blown! I know…but in all honesty, this really was a game changer for me. [and even more for my Mom!]


I was a towel WASTER

Hand Towel Head Wrap

Growing up, I was the girl who after washing my hair would use a full size bath towel to twist my wet hair up on top of my head. I would then use another bath towel to dry and wrap around my body. Now according to all the movies I saw, this was completely acceptable and normal behavior. However for my mom, who at the time was manning the laundry…this was a problem. Not only did I use two towels but I also used a NEW set of towels every day! I know… I was an awful and wasteful kid lol.

After moving out of my parent’s house and into a dorm, I was introduced to the world of using your towels more than once before washing them. Especially since I was the one doing my own laundry. However, I still was using two towels every time I washed my hair. If you are a girl, I am sure you have twisted a towel onto your head before. While it does keep your wet hair off your shoulders and helps make it less drippy, the trade off is that it can be really heavy! Especially when you have long thick hair like me.

How Hand Towel Head Wraps Saved Me!

Hand Towel Head Wrap

Learning how to use a hand sized towel to wrap up my wet hair not only saved me in terms of laundry but it also saved my neck! No longer was I lugging around this enormous towel on my head for sometimes longer than I’d like to admit! [I know i’m not the only one who puts off getting dressed after a shower haha]

After working in a salon and wrapping client after client in a quick towel turban using a small towel it suddenly hit me! I can use a small hand towel at home and save myself so much trouble. From that moment on I have been obsessed and am so glad that I now get to share this knowledge with you!

Three ways to wrap your hair with a hand towel

I figured the best way to teach you how to use a hand towel to wrap up your wet hair was through making a video. Below I demonstrate three different ways you can wrap your hair up. I use all three different styles from time to time depending on how long my hair is. I can’t wait for you to learn and try out these techniques the next time you wash your hair. Make sure to leave me a comment below on if you plan to try it out or how it went when you did!!

Thanks for visiting!! See you next time.

xoxo Aly

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  1. This is so awesome! I have always wondered how people can do this as I have super long hair! Thanks for the demonstration!

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