Makeup That Wont Melt || Apple Picking at Los Rios Ranchos

Makeup Wont Melt

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Apple Picking

Hola Amigos! This past Monday my family and I ventured out to the quaint town of Yucaipa to visit Los Rios Ranchos and pick apples. It was a nostalgic trip because our parents would take us as kids and now we got to experience it with my niece Olivia. The weather however was not very makeup friendly, and you know we took a TON of pictures. Thankfully I have discovered a new product that ensured my makeup wouldn’t melt! Stay tuned for what product that is at the end of this post!

The First Problem of The Day

The drive was about one hour and forty-five minutes so by the time we arrived it was HOT and we were ready to get to picking. However we quickly realized that the wheel chair we brought to tote my 99 year old grandma in wasn’t going to work out. The wheels were definitely not made for off roading through an apple farm. Luckily, the sweetest workers at the farm noticed and assembled this BOSS off-roading chair for us.

Apple Picking or Photoshoot on an Apple Farm?

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I picked one apple…in fact I don’t really even like apples. But I will never pass up an opportunity to make a memory with my family, nor to have a photoshoot…lol.

My mom had me pose for a photo ‘picking’ an apple off a tree, and I handed it to my niece. She straight up started eating it! It was the cutest thing because I had never seen her eat a whole apple before. This tiny apple became a permanent fixture to her little hand for the remainder of the day. You should be able to spot it in all of these pictures.

From Apple Picking to Pumpkin Patchin’

After picking apples, we walked over to the pumpkin patch which I was so excited to see they had there! How cute are these pictures of Olivia on the pumpkin?!

Even though we didn’t spend the entire day on the farm due to having an almost two year old and a ninety-nine year old with us, in extreme heat, we sure got enough photos! This made me so thankful to have worn the right makeup that wasn’t melting or getting copiously greasy. Because yuck.

apple picking

Makeup That Wont Melt!

Apple Picking

So what is this magic product I’ve been teasing?! Surprise! It’s the Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer that was recently released by Colourpop. At first, I was skeptical of this product because I was worried it would be far too glowy for my combination/oily skin. After trying it a handful of times and using different methods, I’ve become obsessed.

I find that this tinted moisturizer works best when used as just that, a moisturizer. Don’t be fooled to think you will get a ton of coverage or effect similar to a foundation. Personally, I apply it using my hands right after applying my sunscreen. I set it with a translucent setting powder and have been applying a small amount of bronzer and blush just where it counts. I feel like this product provides a very fresh and healthy look to my skin.

My Makeup Melting Proof Routine

apple picking

One thing I will note its that if you are having any intense discoloration or breakouts, you may want to reach for something else. During this specific time of my life, I am finding that I would much rather quickly run this product over my face, do a little brow and mascara and be done with it. I’ve been more than happy with the results.

This makeup proved to be the perfect solution on this really hot day apple picking with my family. I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the fun photos we took and let me know if you think you’ll be testing out the Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer! P.S. It’s only $14!

xoxo Aly

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  1. Okay–so awesome that they could make that chair for your grandma! Also, your pictures are amazing and your family is so photogenic! Looks like a wonderful day! I’v actually never have been apple picking before… maybe I’ll have to go sometime!

  2. Great pictures! It seems like you and your family spent a great time at the apple farm, and the workers at the farm were so nice to do that chair for your grandma 🙂
    I don’t usually wear make-up, so I didn’t know about make-up melting at all. Very useful to learn about that!

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