Beating the Battle with your Bad Brow

Battle with Bad Brow

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We have all been here before. I’m sitting at my mirror doing my makeup and mentally preparing myself to tackle the nemesis that is my bad brow. Anyone who has ever tried filling in their eyebrows with makeup knows all about the “bad brow”. I’m sure it is mainly due to the fact that we have one dominant hand and angling it just right on one side makes it impossible to get it right on the other. But you guys..I’ve figured it out! The other day I was doing my makeup and realized I no longer sweat when it comes to doing my bad brow. I instantly knew I had to let you all in on the secret to beating the battle with your bad brow!

Now after that dramatic build up I must confess…my secret is really not all that complex. However! It has helped me a ton and made doing my brows way less of a stress. Before I get to the juicy details let me further explain what led me to this discovery.

Are  your brows related?

Battle with Bad Brow

Typically when it comes time to fill in my brows, I begin on my right side. It feels more natural and I carefully and delicately apply whichever method of brow filling I’ve chosen for the day. After feeling satisfied with my right brow, I then turn and try and do my left side. As you know the goal is for our brows to at least be sisters…while twins would obviously be great.

No matter how hard I tried, my stupid left brow would NEVER come out as good as my right. I would then go back and forth between the two trying to make adjustments where necessary and would end up with two bushy, over drawn in brows! THE FRUSTRATION!

So then I had a realization. I spend so much time and effort trying to perfectly apply my right brow that by the time I got around to doing my other, more difficult side, I struggled. By that point so much effort and attention was exerted on my good brow that when it came to tackling my more difficult brow the odds were already stacked against me.

The Secret to Beating the Battle with Your Bad Brow

Battle with Bad Brow

So hold on to your seats…here is the secret. I started to apply the makeup to my LEFT eyebrow first! By using my fresh mind, and well rested hand to tackle the more difficult side first, doing the second side was a piece of cake. After doing this day after day I began to struggle less and less with my so called “bad brow”. I can now say that I don’t have a bad brow anymore!

Now That You Have Been Enlightened

Battle with Bad Brow

Now that you know the secret to beating the battle with your bad brow, here are some products that will contribute to your success. By far my favorite product to fill in my eyebrows is the Goof Proof Brow Pencil by Benefit Cosmetics. It definitely has contributed to my new ease of mind when it comes to applying makeup on my eyebrows. After I have the perfect feathery “natural” looking brow, I always swipe the Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel over the top to lock them in. This product is also perfect for the days when you have no time to fill in your eyebrows. I just swipe this brow gel throughout my brows the shape them how I like and done.


Battle with Bad Brow

That’s really all there is to it! I’m glad you took the time to sit down and read this post because I know it is groundbreaking stuff. Haha! While it may have been a stretch to create an entire blog post for this one secret I think it was fun. I hope you like short and sweet makeup tips. I have a stockpile of secrets that I’m planning to roll out soon.

Thanks for visiting!

xoxo Aly

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