Why Are Healthy Habits the First to Go?


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It’s Saturday morning and I’ve had a very relaxing day so far. I was able to wake up at my own pace, drink my coffee, make breakfast, watch a YouTube video, write in my planner, and watch a few Instagram stories. I am now sitting at my desk with worship music playing, diffuser on, my bible open, my church notes, and my planner. This is the first time in what feels like a WHILE that my morning has looked like this. However, I find mornings like this to be crucial for my mental and spiritual health. So why are these so few and far between? That has been my struggle this summer. I find that the first habits to go when life gets busy or stressful, are the most healthy ones!

Why I Haven’t Been Myself

I would describe this season as being in a ‘funk’, I haven’t felt like I am myself, and its frustrating! I’ve put a lot of work into becoming the person I am and when I drop those habits, things spiral…fast! All of the healthy habits I worked to build, one by one, are always the first things to go when I get busy or stressed because they take a lot of intention, discipline, and effort. It is so easy to just slip back into my old habits that really don’t allow me to thrive. Slowly I’ve been pulling myself out of this slump, and there are a few key things that have been helping!

Being Active and Getting Fresh Air

The first thing was getting outside. I work from home and find it very easy to go a day if not a few days inside without ever walking outside. This is a problem for me. I start to feel down and lazy and unmotivated. So I started taking my dog, Schroeder out for a walk in the evenings. Taking Schroeder on a thirty minute walk through my neighborhood not only is great for him but it gets me fresh air and exercise!

A Habit I dropped and Haven’t Yet Picked Back Up


I went a few years consistently going to the gym at least three times a week. It was an amazing habit I formed that really helped me mentally. Once I broke that habit I have struggled so much with picking it back up! Walking outside a few times a week is the first step to eventually implementing activity back into my routine. I also take the time on my walks to start listening to a podcast, sermon from my church, or new album that has just been released. Anyone else constantly listening to Taylor Swifts new album ‘Lover’?

I seriously feel like a different person after getting a few endorphins pumping through my body. I’ve never been high but imagine it feels similar to the way I feel after an intense workout. I plan to get back into my gym routine but for now these walks with Schroeder have been helping!

Instagram is Actually Helping Me…What?!


Another thing that has helped pull me back into my healthy habits has actually been Instagram! There are a few people I follow that truly inspire me and post content that directly speaks to my soul. The first account I want to highlight is @sierrascottwrites. Sierra is a writer who makes a point to discuss the things we might be less comfortable addressing in person! Specifically things within the Christian faith. I have really connected with a lot of her words and love participating in her stories. I highly encourage you take a moment and visit her Instagram page and even further her site sierrascottwrites.com I don’t think you will regret it.

Picking Up An Old Habit of Reading Physical Books


The second account I want to highlight is that of @jordanleedooley. While there is ample goodness found on her page and stories, what has been the most life during this season has been her book. I saw on her stories that she had written a book called ‘Own Your Everyday‘ and it sounded like something I would enjoy. So I ordered it off Amazon, I’ve linked it for you here, and I have been reading a little bit here and there almost everyday.

I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram @graceandlipstick you have heard of it because I cannot help but share excerpts of her words each time I pick up the book! It has been instrumental in pulling me up and out of this funk. It is also a book that has greatly encouraged me to pursue something new with Grace and Lipstick that I will be announcing in the future! [Just a little teaser..hehe]

I’ve Been Neglecting My Faith


Another habit that I had worked hard to build was being in my Bible and praying. This is something I had tried again and again throughout my life to do, but failed to be consistent at. That was until I found the Hope Planner. This isn’t your everyday ordinary planner. Not only did it give me the organization that is crucial for someone who works from home, but it also fueled my soul! Heather @hopefuel.co created this planner to fill a need that she had in her own life! There is an overall month view, and area for notes, and then space each day to write scripture, prayer, to-do lists, and an hourly schedule on the side. It also has a space at the bottom to write what you plan for dinner and track your water intake! Haha! What more could we need?!

Upon finding the planner I was consistent with it for about six months! I had never been in the Bible or intentionally prayed that much in my life. I was also being much more productive with my days. However when life started to get a bit more hectic, it was one of this first things I ditched. How frustrating! It is definitely one of the most life-giving things I was doing and I am fighting hard to make the time for it again. Slowly but surely I will get back to that planner using, Bible reading woman! The Hope Planner is definitely something that helps me get there!

I Haven’t Been Making The Right Choices

One of the last areas that was really dragging me down was my nutrition. I’ve been following a ketogenic diet for the past few years and feel the most strong, clearheaded, energetic, and healthy while doing it. However, I heavily fell back into my old patterns of fast food restaurants, eating all the snacks while babysitting, and late night quesadillas lol. I stopped eating for nutrition and fuel and was purely eating for comfort and enjoyment.

By fueling my body with straight junk, I stopped sleeping well, I was moody, lazy, and overall just a lame person. I did not feel like myself at all and it directly impacted my ability to do any of the other life-giving habits I mentioned above. Finding a way of eating that fits so well into my lifestyle and makes me feel so good is probably the biggest tool to having success in any of my other healthy habits! One of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram when it comes to Keto is @loving_lessofme_more. I relate to Kimberly a ton and think she is very real, honest, and helpful!

Rebuilding Healthy Habits


I feel like I could go on and on about this topic but I feel like I’ve touched all the major bases. Why is it that the first habits to go when life gets busy are always the healthy ones? It’s so frustrating but I am slowly working my way back to that happy healthy person I was a few months ago. I know it is possible but you just have to fight for those moments that fuel your soul! Don’t put yourself on the back-burner because you will just burn out.

I hope that the level of vulnerability and honesty through this post is relatable to someone out there. I hope that it helps you and maybe gives you a few tools that can help pull you out of a slump. If anything I hope it makes you feel less alone!

I think it is important to not only write about the good things, and the successes, but also the hard times. I’m excited to have FINALLY chosen to use my time to write this post because it has been on my mind for weeks. I’m now off to shower and to get to work on creating a space that is healthy and allows me to thrive. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

xoxo Aly.


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  1. I often find myself in the same boat. Life happens, I become “too busy” and my healthy habits all go out the window. I’ve recently incorporated reading into my daily routine (I used to LOVE reading and would read constantly), and I’m forcing myself to get back into fitness. The thing is, I KNOW how good taking care of myself feels, yet I fall off the wagon all the time.

  2. I often find myself in the same boat. Life happens, I become “too busy” and my healthy habits all go out the window. I’ve recently incorporated reading into my daily routine (I used to LOVE reading and would read constantly), and I’m forcing myself to get back into fitness. The thing is, I KNOW how good taking care of myself feels, yet I fall off the wagon all the time.


  3. I needed this right now! I’ve been in a weird funk for the past month, and I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that I haven’t been getting any exercise. I need to just push myself and get out and do it! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    1. It is all connected and once you have a healthy routine and then loose it, it’s more noticeable and affects us even more I feel! Slowly if you start making efforts it will come back!e

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