The ULTIMATE Blackhead Removing Pore Strip

Ultimate Blackhead Killer

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You guys…I am about to share with you a groundbreaking skincare product. If you are like me and have large pores that seem to be endlessly clogged with black heads…listen closely. The brand I Dew Care has a 3-step blackhead removal kit called “Blackhead Killer Nose Pack 3-Step” and it is AMAZING. The best part is I stumbled upon this product by chance. I wasn’t at Sephora, I wasn’t looking for new skincare, I didn’t search Pinterest…it basically fell in my lap!

The Best Type of Shopping Trip

Asos Pom Pom Earrings

A few weeks ago, I met up with a friend in Hollywood and we decided to check out the Melrose Trading Post. It was our first time going so we basically just strolled around the entire venue to get a good feel for what type of products are sold. We were hoping maybe they would have festive Christmas options and gifts. There was such a wide spectrum of products and people which made for an interesting trip. After investigating the succulent booths, the vintage clothing and record booths, and the wood-work booths we decided to cut our losses and move along.

After leaving we walked down the street to get some tea from Starbucks and stumbled into an Urban Outfitters. It has been a while since I have been inside an actual Urban Outfitters store so I was surprised to see how many beauty products they now carry. It’s safe to say I spent majority of my time perusing that section. I grabbed a few different things including this supposed blackhead killing set of nose strips.

My Blackhead Journey

Blackhead Removing Strips

Winter Glam Makeup

Lets take a step back really quick and explore my journey with blackheads. Throughout my teen years I was plagued with acne and overall trouble skin. To be honest, I wasn’t the type to be overtly self conscious about it. That is probably thanks in most to makeup. However, I did try on multiple occasions to rid my skin of it’s clogged pores and red spots. Never was I too impressed or bothered to repurchase any product or re-use any Pinterest-ed method. Eventually I settled into having a semi-decent skincare routine involving cleansing and moisturizing with the occasional mask.

That is until I found this Blackhead Killer Nose Pack 3-Step system! I had to test out this magical product the minute I got home. This is no ordinary pore strip. There are three separate strips that you apply to your nose in three different steps.

Blackhead Killer Nose Pack 3 Step

Blackhead Removing Strip

Blackhead Removing Strip

The first step prepares your pores for extraction by opening the pores, dissolving sebum, blackheads, whiteheads and impurities. After you remove this mask, you gently wipe away anything that came up with a clean cloth.

Moving on to step two you apply the actual strip that removes blackheads and has a paper mache type effect. This is my favorite part so I make sure to really cover every inch of my nose. The strip hardens and after 15 minutes I very gently peel it away. It’s important to note that you DO NOT want to rip the strip off as I always thought you were suppose to when I was younger. That can do more damage than good. It is the most satisfying feeling watching all the little devils coming out and examining the strip once it is off.

Lastly you apply step three which is a pore tightening strip. This step soothes the skin and minimizes the appearance of large pores. I also feel that it is moisturizing which is important as your skin can feel very dry after an extraction.

Why This System Is My Favorite

Blackhead Removing Strip

I use this mask up to two times a week because I have combination skin. If you have dry skin or a more minimal blackhead problem, you could just do one a week. I love this system so much because you see INSTANT results. The second time I did all three steps I felt like my nose looked ten times better. If you are doing this at night, I love to set up a spa like atmosphere to really get the most of my facial.

Some things you can do to maximize your facial time include diffusing oils, applying a face mask, and listening to your favorite music. There are a plethora of oil diffusers out there and they are super popular lately. These also are a great gift! I like to apply a mask to the areas of my face not covered by the pore strip during step two. Usually I’ll switch up which type of mask I use since I do this twice a week.

I really hope you guys consider trying out this mask because it is too good to keep to myself! I made sure to link a few different oil diffusers and face masks. I’ve really fell in love with taking better care of my skin now that I get to have a full spa night out of it. The best form of self care! Have I tempted you? I hope so! We all deserve to do a little self pampering every now and then. The better you take care of yourself the better you can take care of others!

xoxo Aly

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