The Secret To Making Your At Home Manicure Last

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Who else hates when you spend time to masterfully paint your nails, only to have them chip an hour later? I know I do. So that is why I have figured out the secret to making your at home manicure last!

Lets start with the basics. The main reason my nail polish chips is because my nails are brittle. Especially at the tips. So regardless of any effort I put into making my manicure THE BEST, they still chip pretty much instantly. It is maddening. Trust me, I’ve tried a base coat, thin layers, thick layers, buffing my nails first, swiping with alcohol to remove oils…you name it, I’ve tried it.

All About Nail Polish

Another main reason nail polish chips is because the formula sucks. My old college collection consisted mainly of Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and old hand me downs. After discovering the amazing formula and color selection of KL Polish [soon to be Lights Lacquer] I tossed ALL the rest. This formula, packaging, and paint brush met all my standards. I thought I had FINALLY solved my never ending issue of chipped nail polish! But none the less, my nails were still just too brittle.

I used to get acrylics and gel nails professionally applied at a nail salon. However I found that I was being locked into a commitment of maintaining my manicure every two to three weeks. Once I got tired of that, I would remove them and my nails were always left super damaged and thin. I would then have to go through the grow out process which takes forever.

The Secret To Making Your At Home Manicure Last

That is where my new method was birthed! I thought, there has to be a way to strengthen my manicure at home, without having to do a full on gel manicure. The secret to making your at home manicure last is: use a gel polish top coat OVER your regular favorite nail polish!

I didn’t even know if this was possible. After doing some research and some trial and error, I have figured out my favorite way to do my manicure at home. The catch is that you need to have access to an LED light and clear gel polish at your home. Luckily, my sister had these already which made this method a no brainer for me to test out.

Tips for This Method of At Home Manicure



The first step is to paint your nails using your favorite nail polish as usual. Clip, clean, file, buff, do whatever you usually do…then paint your nails.



The next part is important…you then have to wait for your nail polish to dry for 3-6 hours. The reason for this is because regular nail polish requires oxygen to fully dry and harden. If you paint the gel top coat over the regular nail polish when it is only dry to the touch, you are cutting off the oxygen. This can create the gel to not cure properly and you would be left with a mushy mess.

Now I’ll be honest, I don’t think I have EVER waited six hours. Usually I wait 2-3 max and haven’t really had an issue. But 3-6 is what I was told when I did my research so do with that as you will!


The last step is to paint two THIN coats of clear gel top coat over your nails. Make sure you cure your nails under the LED light in between each coat. Do your best to keep the polish off your cuticles and the skin surrounding your nails. This will harden on your skin and create easy access for chipping/peeling. Trust me, if you feel that there is an edge you will want to just peel it off haha. This will ruin your manicure so don’t do it!

That’s All There is To It!

After you’ve cured your two gel top coats, you take some acetone on a cotton ball and wipe it over all your nails. Then you are done! You are left with a stronger than regular manicure. The best part is that this method does ZERO damage to your natural nail! To remove it you simply buff off the shiny top, place an acetone soaked cotton ball over each nail for 5 minutes, and the nail polish just wipes off.

I have linked for you the LED light, the gel top coat, and the nail polish line I use. Let me know if this is a method you are tempted to try out! I hope it works out if you do!

xoxo Aly


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