How To Achieve The Best Curls Of Your Life!

How To Get The Best Curls Of Your Life

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Ok so my title may be a little dramatic, but hey…I am FEELING these curls I’ve been doing lately. I just got home from the most amazing girls trip to Nashville, TN. I also got through celebrating multiple birthdays, including mine. To top it off, a new family member was BORN on my birthday this year. What a gift! Throughout all of these activities, trips, and festivities, these curls have been my GO TO. They have never let me down and that is why I need to share with you all…How to achieve the best curls of your life! So here we go…

Where Did I Learn About This Technique?

I was recently introduced to Danielle K. White of DKW Styling on Instagram. She is the founder and creator of DKW Salon and Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. If you guys look at her Instagram you will immediately have hair envy! I know I did. So I was so excited when a random IGTV video popped up where she is actually telling us about her favorite curling irons. Within this video she is gives a very brief overview of how she curls her hair.

Watch the IGTV video Here!

The technique she used is nothing I haven’t seen before. However it is different than I had been in the habit of doing. Two of the biggest differences are (1) she curls each section away from her face (2) and she leaves the ends out but runs the curler over them to add a subtle bend. I on the other hand would alternate each curl forwards and backwards, and I would leave the ends out but have them completely straight.

My Tips For Success When Using this Curling Technique

One day I’d love to film a video where I can show you how I’ve made this curling technique work for me. For now I’ll share a few things I do to ensure success.

First, I use a 1.25″ curling iron…this one in particular: click! Using a good curling iron is necessary to ensure the least amount of damage to your hair. I also make sure my curling iron is never set to 400 degrees or higher. Personally I use 360 degrees.

Second, when you pull the ends of your hair through the iron, you don’t want to have it turned the wrong way. This tip is super hard to explain over text so if it doesn’t make sense you’ll have to wait for my video lol.

Lastly, I DO NOT TOUCH any of the curls after they are done. I let them cool for a very long time. After each section of hair is curled, I will spray a decent amount of touchable hairspray (I use this one: here). Then I will usually leave them be while I go do my makeup or get dressed.

The Finishing Touches

My last step in getting ready is always finishing my hair. For these curls I like to flip my hair upside down, and rub my scalp like I am rubbing in dry shampoo. While my head is upside down, I take a texturizing spray (I use this one: here) and I spray it up into my hair. After that I will flip right side up, and use my fingers to tousle and place my curls how I like. In my opinion, the more texturizing spray the better!

And that is about it! It is quick, easy [IMO] and I love how the curls last! I’d love to know if you try out this technique and how it works for you! Also be on the lookout for a video someday because I know it is so much easier to learn with visuals.

Happy Sunday!

xoxo Aly


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