Summer Daytime Look Using KathleenLights x Colourpop The Zodiac Palette

Kathleenlights x colourpop

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Today was the first day in a while I have been in the mood to sit down and play with makeup for no reason at all! Lately due to the heat I have been only putting makeup on my brows, a little concealer, and a light coat of mascara. That’s if I am wearing makeup at all! Today however, thanks to a little inspiration from a new discovery on YouTube, Carrie Dayton, I wanted to do myself up and feel cute! It all started with this half-up hairstyle, finished with a vintage hair scarf. [Which I actually found in my Grandma’s drawer! Score!] The colors on the scarf inspired this summer daytime look I created using the KathleenLights x Colourpop The Zodiac Palette.

[Edit from the future! I started this post at the beginning of August and it is now the end of August. Just for reference lol, I’m just now getting around to finishing it. Whoops!] 

Kathleenlights x Colourpop

I Never Would Have Tried This Orange Eyeshadow

Normally, I would not gravitate to an orange shimmery eyeshadow first. However, thanks to this cute scarf I was inspired to put the shade ‘The Aries’ all over my eyelids. Guys, I was so surprised. I actually love this shade so much! I did not use it wet because I felt like that it would be too bold for a daytime look. Especially using an orange eye shadow. But now that I’ve used it once I’ll definitely be spraying it with some setting spray to punch up it’s vibrancy next time.

Kathleenlights x Colourpop

Kathleenlights x Colourpop

Affordable Makeup is The Best Makeup!

Not only is The Zodiac Palette a complete steal at $18, but the rest of my makeup was affordable as well. The foundation I used was the Maybelline Matte + Poreless [Normal to Oily] in the shade 120 ‘Classic Ivory’. I’ve had this foundation for a while and really have no complaints! It is not one of my holy grail products but for the price it works well! The only thing is I wish it had a pump. This packaging just has a lid you unscrew and you have to dump the product out. This makes it difficult to get the right about of foundation out.

My lipstick was also from the Colourpop x Kathleenlights collaboration. I’m wearing the Lux Lipstick in the shade ‘What’s Your Sign’. This was my first time trying Colourpop’s latest lip formula the Lux Lipsticks. I am SOLD. This shade is a créme formula that has rich pigment with the first application. It is very comfortable and long wearing but keep in mind it does transfer and wear off because it is not a liquid matte lipstick. This shade is my perfect nude. I reach for it on the daily because it feels so comfortable on my lips and goes with every eyeshadow look.

Kathleenlights x Colourpop

Kathleenlights x Colourpop

The Zodiac Palette

Overall I was very pleased with my first impression using The Zodiac Palette created by Kathleenlights x Colourpop. I can’t wait to play around with all the other shades. I’ve yet to be displeased with something Kathleen creates but I will always give my honest to God reviews and recommendations. This fun summery daytime look sparked my desire to play with makeup again. Since then I’ve been having fun with new looks and new makeup so stay tuned for more posts coming soon!

xoxo Aly



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The Zodiac Palette

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