Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection (2)

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Today’s post is dedicated to the very controversial, very beautiful Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection. My journey with these palettes has been anything but simple. But I’m not gonna bore you will all the details and just get to it. The collection I purchased on launch day was crap. It did not blend well, was patchy, and inconsistent. Thank God, I was able to exchange it for a new set and lucked out on getting a better made collection!

When I first laid eyes on the four palettes that make up The Vault Collection, I knew I would be purchasing them. The original Jaclyn Hill Palette in collaboration with Morphe is one of my most used palettes. Jaclyn claimed these palettes would be the same amazing quality of shadow. The packaging of these palettes, price, and color array were all on point. I felt inspired after a summer of lackluster makeup. Below you will see the looks I created with each of these palettes: (1) Armed and Gorgeous (2) Bling Boss (3) Dark Magic (4) Ring the Alarm.

Jaclyn Hill Morphe Vault Collection

Armed and Gorgeous Palette

The Armed and Gorgeous Palette was the most intriguing to me as it was compiled of colors I wouldn’t naturally gravitate to. However I thought the color story was stunning. I have two different looks included in this post because one was done with my first collection and the other with my second.

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

This look was inspired by Brianna Fox Makeup on YouTube and I followed this video here. I’ve never attempted an eyeshadow look this advanced or complex. The way Brianna explains which brush to use, how to pack the shadow on your brush, and even how to position the brush in your hand were all crucial to my success.

At the end of the day, I was able to make this eyeshadow look decent. However, it was not done without major struggling and sweating lol. The biggest troublemakers were the matte green shade called ‘Top Secret’ and the shimmery green shade called ‘Classified’. Utilizing makeup tips I’ve acquired over the years I could manipulate them to do what I wanted. But man…it wasn’t looking good at first.

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Armed and Gorgeous Take Two

Thankfully, my second attempt at attaining the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection was successful! That made my next eye look easy and effortless to achieve. Okay maybe not without effort as my skill is definitely not at that level. But it was way easier and the eyeshadows performed in a way more similar to the original Jaclyn Hill Palette.

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Jaclyn Hill Vault CollectionThis eyeshadow look was inspired by Angela Bright on YouTube and I followed this video here.   I was inspired to follow this tutorial in particular because it was a look created using only matte eyeshadows. This is so different to what I usually do. I also love the way Angela only shows a close up of one eye on her tutorials. This makes it much easier to see what she is doing and where she is placing each shadow.

I was absolutely in love with the way this eyeshadow came out! It felt so soft and pretty while still being interesting and bold. All of the shadows I used to create this look were soft and buttery, blended quick and easy, and were consistent with opacity. What more could you ask for? Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Bling Boss Palette

The Bling Boss Palette is another palette that I thought was absolutely stunning. At the same time, this palette is pretty out of my comfort zone. Luckily I have a friend who is a makeup artist and I found her eyeshadow looks with this palette to be SO gorgeous. I think this might be my favorite palette out of bunch now.

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

For this eyeshadow look I followed this Youtube tutorial, once again by Angela Bright. I would never think to put such a bright pink shadow in my crease. But the combination of shadows paired with this winged liner just does it for me. I think it is such a pretty, romantic eyeshadow look. What is fun too is you can easily make this look more dramatic for a night out or more appropriate for daytime.

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Dark Magic Palette

By far this palette is the FURTHEST out of my comfort zone. I don’t think I could have even thought of an eye look on my own. The color story is very cool toned. But each shade in and of itself is so beautiful and rich. I don’t know why but this palette reminds me of jewel tones. The sparkly silver, the deep emerald, a dramatic jade. Even that onyx black is stunning.

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Angela Bright did it again with this tutorial on YouTube. I was having trouble finding an eye look to follow that interested me. Out of all the looks i’ve copied this was probably the hardest. I think her version came out so much prettier than mine but I was still proud to have done it at all. Overall I think the look came out pretty but it is definitely not very wearable in my opinion. Maybe for a demi lovato concert or something lol.  I will definitely be looking for more tutorials to follow on this palette. It is so pretty but I feel like it’s my biggest challenge. Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

Ring the Alarm Palette

I left this palette for last because it is easily the most wearable palette for my taste. Warm fall tones are my favorite! Surprisingly, I have used this palette the least though! I think that is because I have been so intrigued to try new looks and challenge myself to use all of the other palettes first.

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

I only have one picture of the look I created with this palette. The picture is from when I was practicing my makeup the night before a photoshoot. In collaboration with Michelle Bongirno Photography [my cousin] and Kristin Smith Floral Concepts we did a quick, fun, beach photoshoot to showcase her beautiful wedding bouquets, and Michelle’s amazing photography skills. I think the makeup the day of the shoot came out way better however I only have a snapchat video to show for it! [besides the pics from the shoot!] I followed THIS tutorial on YouTube by Kayla Rouser Davis.

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection

The exciting news however is that my next post will be showcasing all of the amazing photos my cousin Michelle took! I am so excited I was able to get some new pictures taken and plan to revamp my site a bit with them. So be on the lookout for that!

That is the perfect way to end this lengthy post but I am so happy to have all of these looks in one place. I also was so excited to share with you my new two YouTube obsessions Brianna Fox and Angela Bright. Definitely go check out their channels and let me know if you end up trying to follow any of the tutorials I followed. I would love to see how it comes out!

Thanks for being here!

xoxo Aly


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Jaclyn Hill x Morphe The Vault

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  1. I think your Dark Magic look rivals Angela’s! Yours has more of the lime green and it gives it a day look which is what I’ve been trying to fine! Specifically for brown eyes, so thank you!

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