What I Learned From My First Facial Experience


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Hello again! It has been over a month since I have post on here, and man have I missed it. While a break was completely necessary and well enjoyed, I’ve been inspired! I can do another post where I detail all the fun things I did/self discovery during my blogging hiatus but today… I am here to tell you all about my first time getting a facial! If you haven’t already read, I wrote a skincare post where I touched on my troubled skins journey here. Even though I’ve had problematic skin since middle school, I’ve never been to the dermatologist or received a facial.

No Filter Beauty


One day as I walked the halls of Phenix Salon Suites [the building where my sister has her own hair salon ‘Cocktail Hair Studio’ I noticed a new business had moved in by the name of ‘No Filter Beauty’. There are a plethora of businesses in this building ranging from hair, nails, teeth whitening, waxing, and so on. I took a peek at the business card and noticed that the owner Allison Mocket performs services ranging from skin treatments, brow shaping, microblading, and hydrafacials. Only God knows why but for some reason, I was intrigued to check this studio out.

I went to their Instagram to research and noticed that they hadn’t had opened for business yet! I clicked the link in her bio for their website and was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it was to find pricing and book appointments! She also put a notice up that if you booked an appointment your first one was 20% off. That was the moment I decided I had to try this place out.

The Hydra Facial

First Facial
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I decided my first appointment was going to be a hydra-facial. I had seen a few beauty gurus get them on their snapchats and raved about them so I was naturally convinced I needed one too! While it was a good experience I wasn’t completely sold on the service. Majority of the service is done using machines which I’m sure do a stellar job and make it quicker. However I felt that there wasn’t much of an immediate difference in the way my skin looked or felt. I’m sure this type of service is meant to show progress after multiple sessions. I decided to go back the next month and try out the basic skin treatment facial. I had no clue what I was in for but Allison explained it’s your basic facial which includes: cleansing, toning, extractions, moisturizing, facial massage etc.

The Skin Treatment Facial

Guys, this service is what sold me on becoming a regular client at No Filter Beauty! Not only was it extremely relaxing, but I was actually shocked to see how bright, soft, and healthy my skin looked afterwards. Especially after extractions! I think that was due mostly to the INSANE face mask Allison applied. This mask has a thick rubber texture that she applied all over my face including my eyes and mouth [don’t worry my nostrils were left unobstructed so I could breathe!] This part of the service was my favorite but was also super strange to experience!

I screenshot this pic from @no.filter.beauty’s instagram story!!

There was a strong cooling sensation, so when applied over my eyelids it almost felt like it was seeping into my eyes! I’m not gonna lie I freaked out a little and had to keep reminding myself to breathe lol. Once I relaxed though and came back to my senses I realized it was just the cooling feeling and really enjoyed it from that point on. The mask solidifies into a thick rubber and just peels off super easy and painless.

For the Facial Newbie

If you like me, are intimidated by facials and basically have no clue what to expect…here is the gist of it (based on my experience). When you arrive, you are given a towel dress to change into and are covered with a sheet and or blanket. Your hair is securely strapped away with an elastic headband and the service begins. Using a few sponges, water, and cleanser, your makeup and/or dirt and sweat from the day is removed from your face. Then depending on what type of facial you are scheduled for, your esthetician will then begin to apply treatments using their hands or a machine. This could range from a peel, oxygen infusion, infrared lights, extractions, masks, etc. You may also receive a short shoulder/neck massage while the mask is setting.

All of this is done in a private, dim lit room with soft music playing in the background. It’s needless to say that by the end you are sufficiently relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of your day. I honestly felt like my skin was so beautiful, healthy, and glowing. I couldn’t wait to share my experience with everyone.

Even Grandma gets a cozy blanket and magazine for ultimate relaxation!

The Takeaway

For someone like me who has never had the clearest, healthiest skin, I am so excited to be living this facial life. I am actually counting down the days until my next one. I feel so inspired after to take the best care of my skin that I can. We are only given one skin to live in! It’s important to take care and preserve it the best we can. If you are interested in learning more about No Filter Beauty their website is very well put together. You can even book your service online which I find to be super convenient. Here is the link!

Allison is such a pleasure to be around, very knowledgable and gentle. She worked for Dermologica for ten years before venturing out and opening her own business! I love supporting small businesses and am so glad I’ve discovered her. Especially those owned and run by women! Other services offered at No Filter beauty include: Skin Treatments, Brow Shaping, Microblading, and Hydrafacials. You can check out her work on Instagram as well @no.filter.beauty.

That’s all I have for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed hearing about my first facial experience and learned something new.

xoxo Aly

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    1. Hi Anne! Thats great, I’m so glad you like it. And I hope you do! It has definitely become a necessity in my beauty up-keep routine! I’m going for my next hydra-facial soon. xox

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