Spring Cleaning Makeup Declutter

Spring Cleaning Makeup Declutter

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You know, I never thought there would be a day that I would need to do a makeup declutter. I wouldn’t have DREAMED of having enough makeup in my collection that I would need to give away perfectly good makeup! However, the day has come. I found myself with makeup that was sitting in my drawers and never being used. That is why I decided to do a spring cleaning makeup declutter! And BONUS…I recorded it and made a little video too.

Spring Cleaning Makeup Declutter Youtube Video

What Prompted This Massive Declutter

Over the years I have worked hard to make the perfect vanity station in my small room. I have collected pieces little by little and invested in organizers one by one. However, I was still struggling with keeping my makeup neat and organized because there was just too much. A lot of what I owned just wasn’t getting the use it deserved. That is what inspired me to go through everything and make the hard decisions.

The KonMari Method

Of course…there is a little Netflix show called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo that was major inspiration. This show really helped influence the AMOUNT of makeup I gave away. A lot of the palettes I decided to let go of were ones I never would have imagined. Brand new gifts, Naked palettes I had coveted for years before finally splurging and purchasing, favorites I had used time and time again.

However, I really took a long hard look and was honest with myself. Had I used this in the recent past? Do I have something that will do the same thing? Do I know someone who would use/love this WAY more than I would? All of these questions really helped me let go of some great products. I know they went into better hands.

The Biggest Takeaway

One of the biggest payoffs to minimizing my collection and tidying up is that I can now SEE what I have. Because I have less, I also know what my options are. I am more excited to use what I have. Less really is more! I have been using more of my makeup than I was before getting rid of half my makeup collection. Who would have guessed?

If anything, I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my makeup collection. The before and after shots were the most satisfying to me. Even further if this inspired you to minimize your collection, (whether it be makeup, shoes, clothes, or bags, etc) then I think it was worth it.

Thanks for being here!

xoxo Aly

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