My Vision and Focus for 2019

Vision and Focus for 2019

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Hello from somewhere over Illinois! I’m currently writing from the very back seat of an Alaska Airline plane. I figured what better time and place to write this post than the six hour trip from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. It is currently March 25, 2019 and this post has been brewing for a few months now. I really wanted to sit down and share my thoughts and goals for this year. Not necessarily a ‘new year’s resolution’ type post. More of a ‘I’m growing in a new direction and I am excited and eager to see all that this year can bring’ type of post. In summary I am going to be sharing with you my vision and focus for 2019; things I am working on the be the best version of myself.

A New Kind of Vision Board

Vision and Focus for 2019

This past January two of my dearest friends and I made vision boards. This has been our tradition for the past few years. This year however, I was surprised by my reaction to the final product. After searching multiple magazines, cutting, organizing and pasting, I took a step back and took it all in. I laughed in a giddy yet confusing way because I felt like it didn’t look like me; I didn’t recognize it. In the past, my vision boards came out looking a certain way. In a very millennial way of explaining things it was as if ‘my brand’ was changing. My two very wise friends suggested that it meant I was growing. It was then I knew this year is gonna be big and that moves are already being made.

Breaking It All Down

Looking at my vision board there are 5 main areas that can be highlighted: (1)health, (2)habits, (3)self-care, (4)passions, and (5)community.

1. Focusing On Bettering My Overall Health

On the topic of health I was surprised to find that I didn’t have the typical ‘lose LB’s and start exercising’ I may have seen on past boards. Instead, it was more of an encouragement to continue living in the way I’ve found to be the most healthy and successful for myself.

Back in 2018 I discovered and began practicing a Ketogenic lifestyle. After many ups and downs, lots of trial and error, I’ve found that I feel my best when I am avoiding sugar and keeping my carbs to a minimum. For me it is more than shedding weight. It is about the energy I feel, how well I sleep, and how drastically ‘cravings’ have been reduced. To feel like I’ve finally found a way of eating that is sustainable and enjoyable for me is invaluable. It is a HUGE part of why I feel more like the person I’ve always wanted to be.

Secondly on the health topic, I’ve adapted a more healthy routine of activity in my life. One of the biggest differences this time around is that my focus is more on establishing a consistent routine than pushing myself to exhaustion and pain. My goal is to go to the gym, not to get an intense workout that burns calories and builds muscle. Will that happen? Yes! But it isn’t my goal or focus. Exercising my ability to be disciplined is more important to me than the latter.

How This is Represented on My Vision Board

So when I see the avocado, butter, and ‘fitness goals’ clips on my vision board, it is about so much more than it appears! I want to continue fostering this lifestyle that enables me to be the best version of myself. That is one of the biggest goals I have for this year.


I want to take a quick break and state that I truly hope this post doesn’t come across as a humble brag or a self righteous proclamation. It is truly not the way I am intending it to be. I want to make it clear that God’s influence and power in my life is where all the glory and acknowledgment should lie. I simply want to have a more thorough and tangible collection of my thoughts and vision to look back on and reflect on in the future.

2. Building Better Habits and Routines

Vision and Focus for 2019
Vision and Focus for 2019

The next area of focus that I’ve titled ‘habits’ encompasses things such as tidyness, organization, minimalism and ethicalness. I’m finding myself on this journey where I am inclined to reduce the amount of possessions I have and focus more on necessity. This ties into each and every one of these aforementioned areas.

Naturally watching the Marie Kondo series on Netflix was a huge influence. By going through every single item of clothing I own and reducing my collection by up to 90%, I learned that I truly don’t need MORE. My ability to be tidy and organized has exponentially increased since decluttering my closet and drawers. I also feel like I am more compelled to invest in more ethically sourced clothing that will last longer and get better use than my former fast fashion finds.

How This is Represented on My Vision Board

The clippings ‘cool, calm, and decluttered & style’ remind me to learn more and be more intentional with the items I already own and the ones I will acquire throughout the rest of this year. 

3. Prioritizing Self-care

Vision and Focus for 2019

Thirdly I have been inspired to invest a bit more into my self-care. This can be tapped into so manny different areas but the largest focus I have for 2019 is my SKIN. Ever since middle school I haven’t had the best skin. Although I wanted my skin to be clearer, softer, and less acne prone…I assumed it was something I would grow out of. Now as a I approach the reality of turning 28, I’ve decided that it isn’t something I want to avoid any longer.

Spending money on skincare, facials, and dermatologists etc was not high on my priorities in the past. [Not to mention my funds didn’t have much flexibility in terms of direction lol] However this year I decided I was going to go all in. I will do what it takes to make taking care of my skin, to the best of my abilities, possible. I’ve also found that this is an excellent form of self care. Taking the time to get a facial, do a mask, or even the extra 5 minutes to apply sunscreen and moisturizer never fails to brighten my day.

How This is Represented on My Vision Board

It is pretty self explanatory how this is represented on my board. There is a huge SKIN clipping I pasted right in the middle on the bottom.

4. Fostering and Making Time to Pursue my Passions

Vision and Focus for 2019

The fourth area of vision and focus for 2019 is to spend more time pursuing my passions. I want to use my time on things I’ve always wanted to learn or do. Instead of wasting precious minutes and hours on Instagram scrolling or watching YouTube. Setting apart time to work on this blog and incorporate more video content is something I have been wanting to do more of. I’m learning and hoping that I can be more intentional and set apart time specifically for pursuing that passion. I feel like I’ve got a good head start so far and really hope it will continue throughout the rest of 2019.

The second area I have yet to ignite but desperately want to get back into is music. I have always been a music lover. Listening to it, singing with it, watching it, and also playing it instrumentally. I haven’t consistently played an instrument since high school and I really miss it. So this year in particular I want to bring my keyboard back out. Hopefully I can invest some good time and effort into learning to play. I would love to learn to read music and be able to play and sing along one day.

How This is Represented on My Vision Board

All of the clippings I included such as: lights! camera!, pianist, style, find your way, and the lips and lipgloss all touch on areas of passion in my life.

5. Being Rooted in My Life

Vision and Focus for 2019

Lastly and most importantly, my vision and focus for 2019 is to be ‘rooted’. This is a term and concept I was exposed to during the Vision Sunday service at my church and from meditating on Psalm 1. A tree planted by a stream of water has roots that go down deep into the earth where they are nourished by the stream. This allows for the tree to grow and bear fruit. Because the roots go down deep the tree is able to withstand the wind and the winter.

For me specifically I am focusing on taking root down in Los Angeles. This concept stretches from being fully committed and plugging into my church, to being settled into my current circumstances of work and living. I want to live in the present and be a faithful presence in my current life. By taking root down into where I am at currently, I will be able to truly be nourished and grow. It is then that I will start to see fruit being borne in my life.

I could go on and on and on when it comes to this topic but this post has already been very long. So I am just going to leave it at that.

How This is Represented on My Vision Board

One of my favorite visual aids on my vision board is the large tree and branches in the top middle. Surrounding this I included the words: Root, Hollywood, and Los Angeles because my church is located in Hollywood. I also have a photo of a group of friends hanging out, the word engaged, crush, and let the light in which all encapsulate my desire to build a community here in Los Angeles that will further ‘root’ me down in my life.

Be Who You Want To Be

Vision and Focus for 2019

The very first thing I put on my vision board was a stencil of the saying “Be Who You Want To Be”. This is a concept I have been pursuing basically throughout my entire twenties. My Instagram bio for years has said “Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you wanna be tomorrow”.

I think that starting with that foundation allowed for me to specifically target all of the areas in my life I want to focus on in 2019. We are rounding up our third month into the year and I can say that so far I’ve been maintaining focus. I’m thankful be writing this post now as my birthday is next month, then comes summer, and all of sudden it is halloween, christmas, and the new year is here. I feel a renewed sense of dedication to my focus and vision for 2019.

Don’t let this year go by without taking all the steps necessary to truly pursue your best self and life!


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Focus and vision for 2019
Focus and vision for 2019

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