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Easy Makeup Look Bold LIp

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Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday! I am more than ready to crank out this post for you guys because I have had this video recorded for what feels like forever. I filmed myself doing this makeup look so you guys could see how EASY and versatile it is. If you want to see how to achieve this easy makeup with a bold lip watch my YouTube video below! All of the product details and more thorough explanations will be included below as well. Enjoy!

The Trick To An Easy Makeup Look

Easy Makeup with a bold lip
Easy Makeup with a bold lip

SO…..what did you think? Easy right? My favorite thing about this makeup look is how simple it is to achieve, but that it looks pretty bold and intricate. Giving the appearance of major effort while putting forth pretty minimal effort haha.

The fact that you are only using one matte shadow to create depth and one shimmer shadow to bring light makes this look very doable. I only used one brush and my finger to create this eyeshadow look. The winged liner is on the smaller side but it brings that sass and flare. Lastly the star of the show is the bold lip!

Switching Up Your Lipstick

Easy Makeup with a bold lip

In my video I chose this liquid matte lipstick by Dose of Colors because I hadn’t worn it in SO long. I was on a nude lip kick and needed to switch it up. I think this bold fuscia went so well with my braids and earings.

However I have replicated this look many other times switching up the lipstick. Here is one example of how different your makeup can look with a different lip color. Obviously the clothes and accessories change up the look quite a bit as well!

Easy Makeup with a bold lip
Easy Makeup with a bold lip
Easy Makeup with a bold lip

Thorough List of All Products Used

Easy Makeup with a bold lip

For any of you who are interested in knowing which specific products/shades I used here are all the details!




Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

Easy Makeup with a bold lip

I hope you guys are enjoying these quick simple videos. I am trying to keep them short and sweet and let the video speak for itself! If you haven’t already check out my last video: How To Get My Current Everyday Makeup Look. Let me know what your thoughts are and if there are any constructive tips you have for me!

Hope you have beautiful weeks!


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Easy Makeup with a bold lip
Easy Makeup with a bold lip

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