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Forks, Washington

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We all know traveling light is a skill; and as a beauty enthusiast, it is no easy feat! This past month I took a trip out to Washington State. I was going to visit two of my best friends, Mari and Pamela. It had been almost a year since I traveled on a plane. There were a handful of travel beauty must-haves that I was really thankful to have! I knew that we would be taking an abundance of photos because I am nothing, if not a photo queen. I’ve also been on a MAJOR budget for the last year. I was only bringing a carry-on roller and a backpack. This means my travel beauty products had to be absolutely necessary!

Washington State

Travel Beauty Must Have: SKINCARE

One of the first things I knew I needed to bring on this trip was skincare. This is so important because I am notorious for breaking out the night before an important event or trip! It’s something that happens without fail…I’m just that lucky. I brought my normal daily products, but also thought it would be fun to have a “facial night” with my besties on our first night.

Pretty much the only mask I use at the moment is the Clearstem Skincare ‘Pregame Mask‘ x Jess Clarke. (Use code ALY for 15% off) Because this mask is a brightening, smoothing, and resurfacing mask, it has active ingredients like AHA in it. This ingredient creates a type of tingling sensation as you massage it onto your skin. After the feeling dissipates you let it sit for five to ten minutes before rinsing it off leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Travel Skincare

The next product that is tremendously helpful to my travel skin is the Mighty Patch Original from Hero Cosmetics. I learned about these hydrocolloid patches when I was dealing with cystic acne back in 2020. When I woke up the day of my trip to a growing spot on my forehead, I knew these patches had to come with me! The way these work is you apply it to clean and dry skin over the affected area. It creates a seal and barrier that isolates the area creating the perfect environment for fast healing! Another huge benefit is it prevents me from touching and further spreading any bacteria to or from the infected area. I mostly wore this patch when I was sleeping. It sped up the healing time and flattened the breakout immensely!

The Twilight Adventure of Dreams

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Travel Beauty

Travel Beauty Must-Have: CURLING IRON

On the first full day of my trip to Washington, my fellow Twilight loving bestie, Mari, and I took a twelve hour day trip touring all the Twilight Saga book locations. We left her house at 10 am, drove to see Port Angeles, Forks, La Push, Hoh National Rainforest, and returned back to her home at 10pm. This adventure called for a solid hair and makeup look. I needed it to last all day and be good for the plethora of picture and video moments. This leads to my next travel beauty must have product: a curling iron! I pretty much never travel without a curling iron on hand. I have been using the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Gold curling iron for years. It is made out of titanium which allows for even heat distribution and has the perfect length barrel for all hair lengths.

Travel Beauty

Travel Beauty Must-Have: HAIR ACCESSORIES

On the thought of hair products perfect for travel, I also brought a leopard hair scrunchie and a retro hair scarf. This trip in particular was six days including travel days. I typically can make my hair last five to seven days without needing to wash it. However, that doesn’t mean my hair looks cute all seven days. These hair accessories were the perfect solution for styling my hair on no-wash days. I also wanted to make sure I had a variety of hair styles because I didn’t want every single photo from this trip to be beach waves.

Exploring Puyallup, WA

Travel Must Have

On the second full day in Washington, we grabbed brunch at a little farm coffee shop which had the most small town charm you could dream of! It was the absolute opposite of Los Angeles coffee shops where it’s incredibly over priced and crowded with a line down the block! We had Mari’s two year old son with us, so after brunch we headed to a local park. This park not only had multiple age appropriate play sets, but it had the most beautiful lake with a walking trail lined with trees. It was so special getting to spend the day doing activities we would normally do together before they moved to Washington.

Heading to Tacoma: Girls Night Out

Halfway through my trip to Washington, it was time to pack up and switch locations. I planned to also visit my other best friend Pamela who lives 20 minutes away from Mari. So after the park, I packed up all of my things and Mari and I glammed ourselves up. The plan was to drop my luggage off at Pamela’s and the three of us would go out to dinner in the small downtown area right near Pamela’s house.

One of my favorite things to do is get dressed up, take cute pictures, and go out to dinner/drinks with friends. At this stage of my life, most of my closest friends live out of town and/or are married with kids. With all the changes that came over the last few years, these nights are few and far between. I’m so thankful for the nights when we are able to gather together over a table of good food and good drinks with good friends :]

Travel Beauty Must-Have: DIY LASH EXTENSIONS

At this point of the trip I was immensely appreciative to have my Flutter Habit DIY Lash Extensions on. Out of the three of us I probably take the longest to get ready. Having these lashes already applied before leaving on this trip made for much quicker glam sessions! Typically a set of Flutter Habit lashes will last from three to five days (some wear for longer). The best part is these lashes can be slept in and showered with. At an affordable price and user-friendly application these lashes are a definitely travel beauty must-have!

Exploring Poulsbo, WA

Now officially on the second leg of my visit to Washington State, Pamela and I were off on another adventure! We decided to drive out to a little Norwegian town called Poulsbo. I typically don’t prefer my hair fully tied up and back, especially not for photos. However, I was inspired by a woman I follow on Instagram named Cassidy, to use my Grandmother’s silk scarf, to amp up and add extra cuteness to my pony tail. This was the perfect vibe for Poulsbo. We walked through the cutest little town with antique shops and small businesses. We even stumbled upon a plant based burger shop! (Which was perfect because Pamela is vegan!)

After venturing through town, doing a little shopping, and grabbing a pastry from a famous bakery, we moved along to see the Seattle Skyline views. As a born and raised beach girl, I have in the past struggled to find the appeal of the PNW. Now having three of my life-long friends move up to the Pacific North West, I know I’ll be spending more time there. On this trip, I discovered that my favorite park of Washington, is the bodies of water with a beautiful view-scape. Whether it be trees or the city skyline, the water draws me in like nothing else!

Girls Day and Bachelor Monday

On the second full day with Pamela we had her one year old daughter with us. We spent the morning at home and then ventured out to Point Rustin for some Thai food. After lunch we enjoyed more waterfront views and let her daughter Zuri play at the park! We ended the day with a classic Bachelor Monday viewing party. Something we used to always do before she moved!

One travel beauty must-have that was more necessary for me than most, is my professional hair-cutting shears. Over the years I have done my friends hair as an amateur, a student, and then a professional. So of course, I had to bring my shears to offer haircuts to whoever wanted one!

Seattle Space Needle

On the last day of my trip, I just had to do something super touristy! Pamela and I got tickets to visit the top of the Space Needle! While the tickets are not cheap, in my opinion, this is something worth doing when visiting Seattle. It gives you such a good view of all the city/state has to offer! If you are a view lover, you will love this. However if you’re afraid of heights, maybe skip it lol.

Did I Fall In Love With Washington?

As you can clearly tell throughout this post, I had the best time visiting my friends in WA. I feel so thankful for their hospitality and willingness to show me all the reasons they love living in Washington. If you haven’t already, check out my Instagram or TikTok to see the videos I made about the trip. My favorite part of this entire trip was simply getting to spend time with my best friends.

I hope you enjoyed hearing all about my trip to Washington! If you have any trips coming up, especially as a fellow beauty enthusiast, I hope these travel beauty must-haves inspire you!

Thanks for being here!

xoxo Aly

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