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Hi Friends! I’d like to welcome MYSELF back to the blog because my goodness it has been a minute. I feel like every post has begun this way for a while but how can I not acknowledge it? Haha! Since my last post my editor has completely upgraded so I apologize if anything is out of sorts. I’m trying to figure out what is happening myself. But without even FURTHER adieu….today I am sharing with you my current everyday makeup.

When to Wear This Makeup

For the past few weeks this has been the makeup I do on the days when I am leaving the house, might be taking a few photos, but it’s just a casual event. It is quick, easy, and I think, flattering.

My main goals when choosing to do this makeup are:

  • clear, even, healthy looking skin
  • neat, groomed, yet full eyebrows
  • thick and dark lashes that accentuate my eyes
  • naturally colored, moisturized lips

And that’s right! I made a video of it! I have been wanting to add more visual content to my posts for a long time. Photos are pretty and definitely add to the aesthetic. But when it comes to seeing someone’s makeup and learning anything new, I think video is a must.

DISCLAIMER! This is not a tutorial and wont look like most beauty videos you see on YouTube these days. I simply set up a camera and recorded myself doing my everyday makeup. I don’t have a microphone so it will solely be a visual aid to this post. I did my best to edit it in a way that it is not boring or too long. But you still get to see how I’ve been doing my makeup lately.

Watch How To Get My Current Go-To Makeup for Everyday

The Base

For those of you more interested in the actual products I used here you go! Starting with the base.


For foundation I used the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation in the shade Y255. Looking back on the footage I do feel this shade might be too yellow for me. Once I had the rest of my face products on however, it all evened out. This has been one of my favorite foundations for quite some time now! It has a nice satin finish and is medium to full coverage.


For concealer I used the new Elf Cosmetics Camo Concealer in the shades medium peach and medium beige. I have only used this a handful of times and for the price I am happy with how it performs. That being said, I had to buy two because the shades aren’t quite right for my skin tone. While it has decent coverage and a nice finish, I also noticed that it does crease more than others I have.


To set under my eyes and all over my face I used the Charlotte Tillbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin-Perfecting Micro Powder in the shade 1 Fair. This was gifted to me for christmas and I have been using it every time I do my makeup. It is by far one of my favorite powders! Definitely my favorite pressed powder. It is super light and finely milled so you never get that ‘powdery’ look.


The bronzer I used in this video was the Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in the shade Sunset Striptease. This too was a newer purchase I haven’t worn too many times but have been LOVING it. It has a satin, glowy finish while not being glittery. I also feel that it applies very softly and evenly.


This has been my ultimate holy grail highlighter for….quite some time now! It is a safe product for me to recommend you buy because I have tested it and it is tried and TRUE! This product is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter. It just gives the most beautiful sheen to my face without accentuating any texture or roughness. Keep in mind you definitely try to avoid putting highlighter on those parts of your face anyway.


I use the Mac Cosmetics Mineralize Blush in the shade Warm Soul on these days especially. This is because it really blends the bronzer and highlighter you’ve already applied together. It also completes that really healthy, glowy skin look.

Faux Beauty Marks

This part of my routine has honestly been a lifesaver. One of the most discouraging parts of doing my makeup used to be when I just couldn’t hide my blemishes no matter what I tried. Thanks to Desi Perkins and THIS video, I now have the tools necessary to feel confident in my skin…REGARDLESS of breakouts. The biggest takeaway was turning any raised or textured spots into faux beauty marks. I have a few real beauty marks already so by adding a little brown eyeshadow over those spots too really blends everything together.

For this step my go to brown eyeshadow is Elfish from the Colourpop Dream St. Palette. You can use any dark brown shadow you’d like but make sure you use a firm fine tipped brush and a very light hand to just barely tap over the spot you want to create a faux beauty mark.

The Details

Now that I’ve detailed to you all the products I used to create the base of my go to makeup and why, I can now explain what I used for the rest. I call this part the details: brows, eyes, and lips!


Lately I’ve been using two products to fill in my brows. I start with the Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus and Gel in the shade Brown. I use the pencil side to sketch in hairlike strokes. I then grab my Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Brow Pencil and use the spoolie side to blend all of that out. I swap it over to the pencil side and use a light hand to outline the shape of my brows. I spoolie once more to blend, and seal it all in with the gel side of the Nudestix Stylus. These brows are definitely more high maintenance than I usually do, but it’s just been my routine lately and it actually doesn’t take much longer!

The Eyes

This is another trick I’ve learned that I am loving lately. I apply a brown eyeliner over the top of my eyelid. It is quick and you don’t have to worry about being neat or keeping it thin because you are just gonna blend it out. This adds depth and drama to the base of your lash line but you don’t have a harsh black line. In this video I used the Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in Mr. Bing.

Lastly to finish up the eyes I curl my lashes using the Sephora Collection Lash Curler and apply two thick coats of Esteé Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara. This mascara was a christmas gift as well and I have been thoroughly enjoying it!


The combination of lip products I used are great because they complete the look but they also wear off nicely throughout the day. So I never worry about reapplication when it comes to this lip combo. I start with the Bite Beuaty Lip Pencil in Cashew and top it with Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Moon Child.

Everyday Makeup || Grand Finale

One of my favorite steps that I sometimes forget but try so hard not to is…SETTING SPRAY! In this video I used the Morphe Continuous Setting Spray which is one of my favorites. The aerosol can creates such a fine even mist and it is so refreshing! This step is the most important in melting all of the face products together and making your skin look like skin again.

Okay! We made it to the end I am so so so happy and glad to finally have a fresh post for you guys. AND it comes with a video which is so exciting! I really hope you liked this format of post as I hope to film my looks more often. One day, depending on how this goes, Id love to venture into other types of videos too. Thanks for being here!

xoxo, Aly

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