Making It Through The Busy Times

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It’s the quiet after the storm…i’ve made it through! The past month or so has been crazy, busy, chaotic, and amazing. So many fun events, celebrations, and so much time spent with family and friends. I find myself sitting here in the quiet house just a few days post festivities…ready to write. There is nothing in particular that inspired me to write, other than to do a check in. There are so many thoughts and feelings after twirling through this busy season. That is sort of what life felt like for a moment. Like I was twirling inside a tornado…a constant rotation of friends, family, and festivities. Now I am here..back to the normal and sometimes mundane…everyday.

I think it is an important time for me to do a check in. With myself mostly. For me writing is a way to sort my thoughts. Consequently it also documents them, which is nice in retrospect. If you can’t tell, my thoughts are sort of all over the place.

First time in NYC
We stayed in Times Square
Busy in PA
Visiting Pamela and Sam in PA

My Cell Phone is Broken

Let’s start with with my cell phone. I’ve been without a back facing camera on my phone for a few months now. This is difficult for me especially when it comes to taking photos of anything besides my face. Which to be honest, I spend a lot more time using my back facing camera than I had realized. I love taking photos, and when writing, I find it important to document certain moments to surround my stories. So it is difficult to consider blogging when I can’t really snap a shot of what is happening as it is happening.

The photos I have included here are a collection of moments over the past few months. I used the cell phones of friends and family and then air dropped them into my camera roll. Which I am so grateful I was able to do! However, it definitely limits my options. Hopefully, I can buy myself a new phone before Christmas. That is the goal! Which I hope will also enable me to be more active on here.

Birthday cruise around the Long Beach Harbor for my Sister Tricia
We celebrated my mom’s 60th Birthday on Thanksgiving

The Problem With Social Media

On the cell phone topic, I’ve also been continuing to feel a need to distance myself from my social media applications. The struggle is, I actually utilize them for so much! I wish there was a way to only turn off part of them while keeping the others on. I’m thinking it may be time to do a clean out and unfollow accounts that aren’t affecting me in a positive or productive way. I think the first step might be to limit my usage right after waking up, and right before I go to bed. Replacing those moments with a book, tv show, prayer, or even silence would greatly benefit my mental space.

A fun night out with friends
Obligatory Mirror Selfie

Is It Possible To Have TOO Much Makeup?

I’ve also not spent as much time using or playing with makeup during this busy season. I only used it when I was getting ready for a special occasion. I actually got to the point where I didn’t even want to put makeup on! Through making this blog and following many different social media influencers I’ve attained quite the collection of makeup. This is great because I have a plethora of options but it can be overwhelming. There is so much makeup that I am not using and I would rather use what I have before getting any more.

I’m excited for this upcoming Christmas season and hopefully finding the time/inspiration to play with fun Christmas looks. I’m not sure what the best way to share those with you is but I hope to!

Skeleton Bunny
Last Minute Makeup I did on Halloween
Dead Bunny
I did my makeup as a Glam Dead Bunny for Halloween

Focusing On My Health

Another area of life I am focusing on currently is getting back into a healthy routine. For a while I was doing well with cooking, getting groceries, going to the gym, church etc. When life gets busy however, those tend to be the first things to go! Suddenly I am swinging through drive-thrus more frequently and calling cleaning a workout lol. This greatly affects my head space as well. I don’t sleep as well, my mood is rough, and my body doesn’t feel great either.

My Niece Olivia’s 1st Birthday was Coco The Movie themed

Physical/Mental Health

However I am pleased with the mindset I’ve had throughout this slump. In the past when I would fall out of those healthy habits it was game over. I would lean into the lazy life and just wait for the new year. However, the entire time I found myself giving into these lazy habits, I was well aware that it was temporary. The time would come when I would clean up my act again and straighten up. So this week I’ve been refocusing on cleaning up my habits when it comes to food and exercise. Usually that is the first step back into a more positive, productive way of life.

Getting to see friends who no longer live close is the best!

Spiritual Health

Speaking of health, I’ve also felt this busy season greatly impact my spiritual health. Finding the time to sit down and relax has taken precedent over spending time with the Lord. I have been volunteering at the church but then not attending the service. I haven’t been reading my books, or devotionals. Whenever I start skipping these things, it begins to snowball, and I find myself feeling more negatively towards everything.

Moving forward from Busy

Having said all of that, I am greatly looking forward to this upcoming season. I truly want to lean into the season of advent. Starting with researching more about what it means to observe advent. I want to really zone in on what we truly should be focusing on this Christmas. I don’t want to get swept up in the commercialism or consumerism that often accompanies this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about christmas decorations, music, baking and I love giving gifts. However, I just want to make sure my heart and mind are in the right place first. I want that to be my priority.

We had to say goodbye to our dog Gidget. She lived a long 16.5 years

Wow, if you made it through this post you are a champ. It was pretty all over the place and chaotic. Sort of like my life the past month haha. But hopefully you related to something and maybe were encouraged to focus on an area in your own life you can improve. I know that I already feel better knowing I’ve began taking the steps to improve my life little by little. You can never fail if you never quit!

xoxo Aly

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