Are You Afraid of Getting a Haircut?


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Is anybody else weirdly afraid of getting a haircut? I’m not talking about the quick dust off the ends type of ‘cut’. I’m talking the take at least an inch off, reshape, and get a new hair style type of haircut. You would think having my cosmetology license and growing up with a hair dresser sister might have freed me from this fear. But you would be wrong haha. Don’t get me wrong, I ALWAYS like how my hair comes out when my sister, Tricia, cuts it. However I still get pretty anxious the minute I sit down in that chair. Tell me I’m not the only one! If you like me have the urge to push that haircut off a few months longer…this post is for you!

Why You Should Cut Your Hair Every 8-12 Weeks

This is right before I left for my haircut. Messy hair in a bun and coffee for strength!

It may be commonly believed that unless you are making a major change, you only need to get a haircut once a year. [At least for women] However for optimum health and functionality it is recommended you get a haircut every 8-12 weeks! That doesn’t mean you have to make a big chop each time! It can be only 0.5″ to 1″ if you want. The important thing is that you are cutting off any split ends. The reason for this is because split ends travel up your hair strand and ultimately break off. So if you leave them unattended, they basically cut your hair for you and prevent it from growing long. You are then left with straggly, uneven, thin ends.

The before and after of my haircut. Tricia only took off one inch and added graduated layers that give my hair more shape and style.

By going to your stylist for a proper haircut every 8-12 weeks, not only are you getting rid of those pesky split ends and crispy bits, but there are other areas needing addressing as well. Hair does not grow evenly all over your head. After a few months go by, your haircut is no longer balanced or structured and can begin to look wonky. Also taking into account heat styling, different areas of your hair can be shorter from breakage and damage.

Not only can the structure of your cut become uneven, but for us thick haired girls, the weight distribution needs addressing. Most of the time, when cutting thicker hair, your stylist will remove weight and use texturizing techniques to make your haircut more functional. Once time goes by, all of the weight grows back and creates heavy, bulky areas. When this happens styling your hair becomes ten times more difficult.

What If My Haircut Never Comes Out Right?


I think this is where a lot of the fear of a haircut comes from. You are putting a lot of trust into the hands of your stylist. The person taking SHARP shears to your precious locks. Lets face it, we have ALL gotten a haircut we weren’t too fond of in the past. This can be pretty traumatizing as we can’t always hide it. So how can you be sure your stylist understands what you are asking for? Bring in a picture!!!

Bringing a picture of a haircut (or haircuts) that you like ensures that you and your stylist are on the same page. The reason for this is because: the words you use to describe what you want may mean something completely different to you than they do to your stylist. There is a whole other language used amongst hairdressers. This is usually the number one reason people are unhappy with their haircuts. Miscommunication!

What to do:

Of course there is always the chance you just sat in the chair of an unskilled stylist. In that case, make sure you vet your stylists! These days you have yelp, instagram, websites, and social media in general, so DO YOUR RESEARCH before booking!

That being said, what are you suppose to do when you get a haircut, your stylist hands you a mirror, and you are unhappy. Say something! I’ve never met a hairstylist who doesn’t want to make their clients happy. Do not be afraid to speak up and address the areas you are unhappy with. Your stylist will either do what they can to fix the issue, or if it is unfixable, at least they know what NOT to do next time. Never leave a salon unhappy! You spent your hard earned money and you should give your stylist the opportunity to fix it for you.

Getting My Haircut at Cocktail Hair Studio

Cocktail Hair Studio

This morning I got my haircut in a standalone appointment by my sister Tricia in her salon. This is an unusual occurrence because typically I will spring a cut on her at my highlight appointments. This means I don’t get as thorough of a reshaping or cut as I could. Don’t do this to your stylists people! Make sure you have booked the appropriate appointment by communicating exactly what you want. So needless to say I was super excited to have this appointment scheduled simply for a proper haircut.


Cocktail Hair Studio

I’ve been growing my hair out from a short bob for about two years. Because of this, we have kept my hair pretty much one length with minimal layers and shape. I wanted to keep as much hair on my head as possible! Now that I’ve got a decent amount of length, it was time to add some more movement and style. While excited to have a new style, and to get the dead ends off, I was nervous to make a change! It felt like I was giving up the control and power over my hair. What if what I was asking for ended up being something I didn’t want haha. Crazy, I know.

Cocktail Hair Studio COcktail Hair Studio

Thankfully, Tricia assured me that the Vidal Sassoon techniques she would be using will create graduation and movement in my hair without creating choppy chunky layers. So we went for it! It was so fun for me watching her section, comb, and cut because I was confident that she was well educated and trained in her technique. You can see in the before and after photos that my hair doesn’t look much shorter at all! It just looks more healthy and has more bounce and shape thanks to my sleek graduated layers.

Are You Ready To Book Your Next Cut?

Hair Trend

I hope now that you’ve read all the reasons you SHOULD be getting a haircut you are inspired to book an appointment! If you need some inspo here are some current trending cuts and personal favorites of mine!

Current Short Hair Trend:

I am obsessed with this blunt but choppy bob. It is slightly elevated in the back but not drastically. It’s almost one length all the way around but adjusted so it sits perfectly around your shoulders and flatters the face. If I hadn’t been growing my hair out for the past two years I would absolutely go for this cut right now! Instead I think I’m gonna convince my sister Tricia to do it! She has the perfect platinum hair to match!

Short Haircut Haircut

Current Long Hair Trend

The current trend for those wanting to rock a bit more length is this textured layers look. This cut is perfect for embracing your natural texture and wave pattern. The perfectly placed piecey layers enable your natural waves and texture to live their best life. Not gonna lie I will definitely be emulating this vibe all fall and winter!

Medium Hair Cut Natural Wavy Hair

What if you love your current style but want a change?

If you are currently loving your current haircut but want a little change to go with the seasons, this next trend is for you. BANGS! Now I’m not talking about the blunt, thick, cover your eyebrows, Jess from New Girl bangs. I’m talking about the wispy, effortless, fringe that can be styled multiple ways. I call these low commitment bangs. They are cut in a way where you can wear them as pictured, swept to the side, or full on over your forehead for an incognito look. The best part is that they are long enough to pass for bangs but will also grow out quickly! In my opinion these are the best type of bangs.


I Bet You Can’t Wait To Book Your Haircut!

If you need any more inspo or just love looking at chic hair check out my Pinterest board where I post any haircuts I am currently loving! Click here to check that out!

Aly Christine Pinterest Board

I hope that you learned a lot from reading this post. I had so much fun putting it together. Let me know if there are any other hair topics you would want another post on! I’m actually going to get my highlights done next week! Till next time,

xoxo Aly





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