Are You Living a Life Full of Fear, Compromise, and Comfortability?

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braids and eyeshadow

OKAY! So welcome back…I know it has been a minute. I want to start off by quickly mentioning that I have written and scrapped this post multiple times. I’m not quite sure what my issue is but nevertheless…I’m still here. I’ve been feeling a shift lately in life and it’s definitely thrown me off my blogging game! I’ve been expressing to people that I am desiring a life in motion. Well…I’m assuming this is what that looks like! Haha. Be careful what you ask for? lol just kidding. Honestly, this season has been filled with a ton of self evaluation and realizing how fear, compromise, and comfortability are heavily affecting the direction my life is going.

braids and eyeshadow

I wanted to quickly throw in this no heat hair style I put together a few weeks ago! I haven’t recreated it since but was happy with the way it came out. Braids for the win!! Always! Also the makeup products used to create this look are provided below. Ok back to life…

Overcoming Fear

Lets start on the topic of fear. Growing up, I was filled with fear in many areas. I acknowledged my fear for the ocean, for spiders, for MUSHROOMS, for strangers, and for fish! All normal and tangible things to be afraid of. As an adult, I was basically in denial that I was letting fear control a lot of my decisions. Do I go to the party without a friend to accompany me? Should I join a volleyball league? Why would I go the gym by myself? We can text, but meet up in person?? No way!! And the list goes on…

Bordeaux the Yorkie

Being a Christian, we are taught that life wont be easy, that there will be trials, and that the struggle is very real.  We’re also taught that the only thing we have to fear is God himself. If God is for us, who can be against us, right?

I believe that…in theory. When it came to really putting this into practice, however, I realized I was failing miserably! I am ready now and working hard to no longer let fear have a place in my life. I know it wont be an overnight change but I’m taking baby steps.

Schroeder the Boston Terrier

I started by volunteering for the kids ministry at Reality LA. I love working with kids, and I used to volunteer in high school. The idea of committing to something on my own, all the way in Hollywood, with people I didn’t know terrified me! Now that I have been doing it for a few months, I am SO glad that I did it. I’ve met new people, I get to hang out with precious babies, and I am serving the parents who get a moment away to enjoy church in peace.

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Another area I stepped out of my comfort zone to participate in was the First Tuesday Fast. This is something Reality LA invites the church to participate in on the first Tuesday of every month. Basically you abstain from food for the day and use the moments where you would be preparing food or eating to pray, read your bible, and spend time with Jesus.

Quiet Time

I’ve never done this before and was honestly nervous to do it. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to, especially because I work from home and prepare food for Grandma all day. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how my day went! I found that I was able to focus so much more on the time spent in my bible and in prayer. The pace of my day felt much slower as well…but in a good way! Life felt more simple and clear and my mind was determined and focused. I’m actually looking forward to doing it again next month.

If you want to learn a little more about the First Tuesday Fast visit Reality LA’s website here!

Living Without a Cell Phone?!

Something else that has been on my mind lately has been my dependence on my cell phone. This may seem random but as I have been doing so much self reflection, the amount of time I spend on my phone has been bothersome. That is when I had this thought that I actually tweeted!

Tweet about cell phone

This concept honestly shook me. Would I really be able to do it? An entire week without even turning my phone on. This means using a real alarm clock, a physical hand written calendar, the house phone, a real camera, and my laptop for any music or social media. What a concept ha?

Bible Time

This scares me…and I find that when something scares me…I probably really need to do it. I felt similarly when God put on my heart that I needed to give up makeup for 40 days back in college. I didn’t think I could do it! But oh man, my whole perspective changed when I did that! I know it would be the same with this.

So sometime in the near future…I’m not positive when…I will be shutting off my phone for an entire week! I can’t wait to try this and to see all the ways God challenges my heart through it. You better believe I will have an entire post dedicated to how my week went and what happened. I almost feel silly making such a huge deal about this…but for me it really is a big deal!

Compromise Isn’t Always a Good Thing

All of this brings me to this post. This blog in and of itself was something that scared me and was completely out of my comfort zone. I’m still working on figuring out exactly what God has me doing here! Sometimes you don’t get to know why and need to just have faith.


I’m becoming aware that I’ve made a series of small “compromises” in my life that have all led me to where I’m at currently. Life isn’t really looking the way I imagined it would at this point. Acknowledging this was the first step towards the life I was meant to have. I know God has a plan and I’m moving more in the right direction now than I ever have.

I am excited as I transition into a life where I don’t let fear, compromise, or comfortability dictate my decisions. Are you someone who may be making decisions out of fear? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! Try to do one thing today that is out of the norm and maybe makes you a little uncomfortable. Just so you can be positive…that you are living your life!!

xoxo, Aly

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