Why I Bought The Jaclyn Hill Palette x Morphe and Why You Should Too!

The Jaclyn Hill Palette

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Surprise! I am back with a special post today a bit sooner than my usual [two week-ish] pace. The reason being that I want to share my opinion and review on the coveted Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe. They are going back on sale TOMORROW July 18, 2017 at 8am PST. Morphe originally launched The Jaclyn Hill Palette on June 21 and it sold out in less than an hour! I was lucky to be in a position where I was able to purchase one and have been testing it out ever since.

Who is Jaclyn Hill?

The Jaclyn Hill Palette

For those of you who don’t know, Jaclyn Hill is a beauty YouTuber who has over 4 million subscribers. She is one of the YouTubers I found earlier on in my discovery of beauty gurus. I can confidently say she is one of my favorites. Not only does Jaclyn have a keen eye for quality products but she also has a genuine and honest heart. When she says she loves her subscribers and considers them friends you can count on her to be telling the truth.

Due to Jaclyn’s immense success on YouTube and the trust she has built with her subscribers, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with major brands. One of her first successes with a collaboration was with Becca Cosmetics. They came out with a pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Champagne Pop. This highlighter changed the game for me. Up until that point I was not a fan of highlighter nor did I even understand it. Now I have quite a collection of highlighters, lol, and it all started with Champagne Pop. I’d find it hard to find a makeup lover out there who has not heard of Champagne Pop. It’s a household name haha.

Spilling the Tea on Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill

If there is anything to be talked about as controversial when it comes to Jaclyn Hill, it is her relationship with Morphe Brushes. People love to hate and the amount of Morphe products that Jaclyn loves and talks about on her channel has caused speculation. Not only does she constantly rep for Morphe but she receives a commission off all purchases made with her affiliate code. Regardless of all this, I still one thousand percent believe and trust Jaclyn with her reviews and recommendations.

Never for one minute have I had the feeling that Jaclyn was pushing a product for her own selfish gain. She is a tried and true beauty lover who simply wants to share her discovery of amazing products with the world. As a fellow makeup lover and now beauty blogger I relate and aspire to be just as transparent. Now you have a brief synopsis of who Jaclyn is and why I admire her.

Why The Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe is AMAZING

The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Now on to the exciting part, The Jaclyn Hill Palette! I’ve already been a fan of Morphe’s eyeshadow palettes prior to purchasing the Jaclyn Hill Palette. The collaboration of these two powerful brands was almost guaranteed to be an automatic success. I almost didn’t feel the need to even “test” the product to see how it performs. I just dove into it and used it like a tried and true palette I already knew and loved. And boy did it deliver!

The attention to detail in how each eyeshadow was poured and pressed really shows in the pigmentation and blend-ability of each color. For someone like me, a self taught makeup enthusiast, I find these shadows to be very easy to use and blend out!

The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Not only do I find the shadows to be very creamy, pigmented, and easy to blend…but the colors!! The color selection in this palette is on point! Usually when I love a palette there is one general look i’m inspired to create using it. The difference with this palette is that there are endless possibilities! I am inspired to create so many different looks ranging from natural browns, to warm firey smoky eyes, to deep sultry looks with pops of color,and the list goes on.

Is This The Right Palette For You?

Jaclyn Hill

In my opinion this is a palette for everyone. Regardless of your skin tone, skill level, or age! While there are a few things that could make it better, like a matte highlighting shade or a mirror, this palette is still a major win. What you get in this palette is 35 shadows ranging from matte, satin, shimmer, to glitter finishes for $38 before tax and shipping. This is a tad pricier than Morphe’s usual but when you break it down you are paying a little over $1 for each shadow. If you compare this to other palettes sold at Sephora you really can’t beat it! This palette can also be used for a wide range of occasions!

Daily Life Jaclyn Hill Palette

Babysitting Jaclyn Hill Palette

Makeup Play Jaclyn Hill Palette

Wedding Jaclyn Hill Palette

As shown in the photos above I have used this palette to create very simple daily wear looks, more intricate and playful looks, and glam occasion looks. This palette is a one stop shop and will get a lot of use from me! If you are looking for your next palette to purchase I highly suggest you buy The Jaclyn Hill Palette. Just a tip from experience, if you are planning to purchase this tomorrow July 18th when it relaunches, be ready right at 8am because Jaclyn’s collaborations tend to sell out quick! But rest assured, I am fairly positive this will not be the last restock.

Before You Purchase

Another bonus to purchasing this palette is that there are countless discount codes from an assortment of beauty gurus [who will receive compensation from you using their code]! However, if you are getting a discount then do you really care that they are being compensated for the exposure? Jaclyn’s code is JACATTACK which you can enter into the promo code option when checking out and will get you 10% off. If you want to use a different beauty gurus code, all you have to do is type in Morphe Discount Code on YouTube and you will find plenty!

Grace and Lipstick Beauty Reviews

Jaclyn Hill Morphe

This is my first in depth product review on Grace and Lipstick and I hope you got a solid feel for the quality of this palette. I for one, greatly depend on product reviews when deciding what to purchase. I would love to continue sharing with you my product recommendations if that is something you enjoy, let me know in the comments below.

It’s important to me that you know my intent in sharing and reviewing these products is solely to inform you of a great item! I receive no gain from you purchasing this palette except for the joy of sharing the love! Even if I was receiving compensation for a review I would still give my 100% honest opinion.

Now that I have that out of the way…i’m so glad I had the opportunity to share this amazing palette with you! If you do end up buying the palette let me know in the comments below. I truly hope you love it and use it as much as I do! I can’t wait to see any and all makeup looks you create!

Thanks for visiting and see you soon!!

xoxo Aly

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