How To Throw A Garden Tea Party

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This past weekend while visiting a friend in San Diego, we had the CUTEST impromptu garden tea party. We of course had to take a million photos so I figured why not write a post and share the details with everyone! I’ll do my best to include outfit details, hair and makeup details, and everything you need to know regarding how to throw a garden tea party.

Asos Curve
Felt Hat

First Things First: What To Wear

Asos Curve Dress

The way this impromptu garden tea party came about was that we had plans to go to high tea. Unfortunately all the reservations were booked up so we opted to order out instead! I had already packed this girly floral dress from ASOS. I had been saving this dress for Easter but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear it to this tea. What I love the most about this dress is that it’s one and done. You don’t have to think much about your outfit when this dress is the focal point. It’s very comfortable and feels well made. The length of the skirt, the fact that it has frilly arms, and the tie at your chest, all make for a modest but chic outfit.

Bone By Dawn Hat
Bone By Dawn Hat

In my opinion what made this outfit PERFECT for our garden tea party was the hat! I bought this hat from a small business called BONE by Dawn in Manhattan Beach. I’ll link the shop page where you can find something similar if you’re looking. I have the hardest time finding hats that fit over my large head and thick hair. This one in particular goes with so many different styles and aesthetics. It brought some edge to the girly-ness of this dress and also tied it all together as an outfit.

Plus Size Summer Dress

Lastly the shoes I packed for this trip ended up being the *chef’s kiss* to this garden tea party outfit. I found these at Nordstrom Rack years ago. Hopefully I can find something similar and link them for you here. What I love the most about these shoes are that they look classy, and dressy, but are as comfortable as slippers. Because they don’t have a back or a heel, they basically ARE slippers. But the click the heel gives and the pointy toe make the perfect statement with so many different outfits.

Let’s Talk Beauty

Now that we’ve covered all the outfit details, it’s time to get to the fun stuff: BEAUTY. When I travel I tend to have limited resources and limited time when doing my hair and makeup. I had already curled my hair before the trip so I didn’t bother to bring my iron. The morning of our Garden Tea Party was coincidentally the same morning after Daylight Savings Time. We woke up without alarms and we’re in desperate need of coffee. Because we impromptu decided to set up the garden tea party we had limited time to get ready.


It would take me all day to detail each product and how or why I used it. Instead I think it would be best to highlight three of my FAVORITE products I used for this look. First off…my lip liner. The Colourpop lippie pencil in BFF is my holy grail-use everyday-lip liner. It has the perfect formula that is comfortable to wear and easy to apply. The color blends in with my natural lip but pairs with almost any nude lipstick or gloss.

Next up is the Morphe Make It Big Volumizing Mascara. I wasn’t able to find my false lash supplies when I was packing, which I would normally always use on a trip. Thankfully this mascara is more than enough to stand in for false lashes. Most of the time I feel like false lashes are a necessity when taking photos because otherwise my eyes can get lost. However, this mascara does such a good job at volumizing and lengthening my natural lashes without getting too clumpy! It is black enough that paired with a fierce winged eyeliner I barely noticed I wasn’t wearing strip lashes.

The last stand out product for this look is the Morphe Fair Play Complexion Pro Face Palette. The minute I laid eyes on this beauty I knew it was a must-have! This palette has it all, contour powder, bronzers, blushes, and highlighters. The best part is that I could use them ALL with my skin tone. A lot of the time with face palettes like this they have certain shades that are too dark or too light for you to use. However this palette has everything I need in one palette with a huge mirror that makes it perfect for traveling! Plus! It’s only $24….win!


Casual Curls

The details of my hair for this garden tea party are gonna be way more simple and concise! As I mentioned previously…I had curled my hair before the trip. So once I had my makeup done, I took my hair out from the bun I slept in and brushed it out using a wet brush. I took the INCOMMON Magic Myst and spritzed it throughout my hair to refresh the curls, moisturize my hair, and protect it from heat styling. Using a curling iron I borrowed from my friend, I re-curled the pieces of hair right in the front that frame my face. After they cooled off completely, I ran my fingers through them and sprayed the Amika Texturzing Spray throughout. Lastly I topped it off with my BONE by Dawn hat and voila! This process took NO LONGER than five minutes.

The Decor Details

Now…I can explain exactly how we arranged these pieces to create this dreamy garden tea party set up. However, we got so LUCKY because most of this was just decor from my friends house that we carried outside. We started by layering three random blankets on the grass because it was a little damp and we wanted cushioning. Saving the fourth one for the top to cover the rest so you couldn’t even tell they were there. This worked out perfectly!

Then we took a petite dining table top (from a disassembled dining table from their last apartment), that was conveniently being stored in their garage, and placed it right in the middle of the blanket. Then we gathered couch pillows, a cushion they used for their cats, and some blankets from their living room. Strategically scattering these around the table made for the coziest most inviting atmosphere.

Our friend who was picking up the tea and the food brought over this cute, hefty marble tray that presented the food in the most picture worthy way! We collected random mugs, a french press, and plates from the kitchen to set the table. Lastly we collected a few random pieces of decor like the dried florals and candles to put the finishing touches!

The Best Part of This Garden Tea Party

We then of course proceeded to have a whole photoshoot to document this impromptu garden tea party that we were so proud of! The best part of the entire thing was how impromptu it was. I kept saying how if we had planned to do it this way…it wouldn’t have been as fun. But the collaboration of all three of our minds, creativity, and willingness to make it fun was all we needed! After the crazy year we’ve had, spending time outside with friends, drinking delicious tea and enjoying scrumptious treats, was exactly what my soul needed. I highly recommend you take the extra five minutes to make your time spent with friends more special. It makes the memories that much more sweet!! Thanks for being here!

xoxo Aly

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