How To Cope With Toxic Social Media

Toxic Social media

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It seems as if I have survived…deleting all of my Social Media apps off my iPhone for one month. They say that Social Media can be toxic, hard to cope with, and affects your mental health. This was a long time coming and I am thankful to say that my February fast from Social Media is officially OVER. Let me tell you…this month definitely did not go like I had planned. I was surprised, sad, productive, lonely, happy, and more. Luckily for you…and for me…I vlogged throughout the month. I’m excited to have this month documented to look back on as life goes on.

When coming up with the idea to do this, I planned to write blog posts, do a lot of sewing projects, start working out, launch a business, and MOVE OUT. I figured without having any social media apps to distract me…I’d surely have the time. Interested to see if any of that happened? Watch and see.

February Fast From Social Media VLOG

Will I Re-Install All My Apps?

So if you watched the vlog above, you already know, but YES I am definitely going to be reinstalling my social media apps to my phone. While it was totally necessary and refreshing to have a break, I did miss it and am excited to have it back. I feel prepared to maintain the good habits I formed over this month. Do you think that social media is toxic and that this is something you need to do? If you do, I highly encourage it. There may never be an “ideal” time to do it so just pick a chunk of time and commit! Hope you enjoyed watching how my month without social media went and I’ll chat with you all later.

xoxo Aly


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