Throwing a Surprise Beach Picnic Baby Sprinkle

Baby Sprinkle

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Beach Picnic

Wow, oh wow! It has been a minute since I’ve written a post. I’m so happy to be back to share this Beach Picnic Baby Sprinkle we threw for my sister. Before I start though, a quick blurb about where I’ve been! My last post was back in March and I cannot believe that it is already October! I have had a number of posts written in my head for months! I still plan to write those, but I had to break the seal first.

You may be wondering, what has kept me away? There are multiple reasons, but the biggest is that my laptop was on the brink of extinction. It took hours to do one simple task and it was basically un-usable. Pair that with the extraordinary circumstances that our world is currently undergoing…my head has been a crowded place to live. Thankfully, my dad is very tech-savvy and was able to upgrade the memory and put a larger hard drive into my MacBook. Voila! Just like that my laptop feels brand new!

Planning a Surprise Beach Picnic Baby Sprinkle

Baby Sprinkle

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about this surprise beach picnic baby sprinkle! This past Saturday, my family and I had the honor of hosting a surprise Beach Picnic Baby Sprinkle for my older sister who is expecting her second daughter! We weren’t sure if we’d be able to have any type of gathering to celebrate her pregnancy this time around. All of our schedules were filling up and the chaos of planning an event just seemed impossible.

Behind Doors || Luxury Picnic and Rentals

Luckily, that’s when I discovered this local, small, husband and wife ran, business called ‘Behind Doors‘. They are a ‘Luxury Picnic and Rentals’ company that I discovered through a mutual acquaintance! When I discovered their Instagram, I was instantly inspired to plan this Baby Sprinkle for my sister. The fact that we could hire Behind Doors to set up and tear down the event, provide all of the seating, decor, photo-area, and food and drinks was exactly the type of thing we needed!

Julie and her Husband arrived at the beach hours before our event and expertly designed this GORGEOUS picnic. Not only did they provide more food than we had expected, but they even tied pregnancy into the decor with these gorgeous sculptures (another self ran business by the couple)! The personalized sign on the photo-area was a surprise and it came out so beautifully! Behind Doors honestly thought of every single detail even down to the wireless bluetooth speaker! We had completely forgot about music and were so thankful they left that for us!

If there is one thing I can say about what sets this event apart from any that I’ve organized before, it was hiring Behind Doors. I highly recommend their business for anyone local to the Los Angeles area!

The Details of The Surprise

Beach Picnic

Now let’s discuss the SURPRISE! We only invited ten guests to participate. This was the perfect amount to keep this ‘sprinkle’ from crossing over into a ‘baby shower’. Everyone was instructed to arrive and be seated in the spot my mom and I had scouted on the beach a week prior. We had to be sure to have the picnic set up on an area of the beach that wouldn’t be visible to where we would be walking down with my sister Liz. The next step was figuring out how we were going to get my 30 week pregnant sister to dress up and come down to the beach without spoiling the surprise.

Leora Lorraine Photography


My oldest sister Tricia suggested we hire a photographer! We have a few photographers we are close to and were luckily able to secure our close friend Leora for the job! Leora has her own photography business called ‘Leora Lorraine Photography‘. This was our first time getting to work with her! Tricia and I told our sister Liz that we wanted to have a sisters day celebration for her new baby. We’d get pedicures and have professional photos on the beach to commemorate the pregnancy!

We met Leora at the predestinated location. It was conveniently chosen to conceal the surprise Beach Picnic Baby Sprinkle that was set up below on the beach. We started taking photos on the walk down to keep Liz’s focus off the beach. Leora then directed us to the opposite area of the beach to take pictures with these cute canoes! I’m so thankful we got these special sister photos even though it was mainly as a ruse to get Liz to the beach! Leora did such an amazing job giving us directions and posing us. She also managed to edit the photos beautifully despite them being taken in direct sunlight!

The Reaction || She Cried

Once we got the okay, that all the guests had arrived and were seated, Leora suggested we move to a new area of the beach. It almost went down in slow motion as we walked down the strand towards the surprise. Liz was so unsuspecting of the event that we had to point out that we knew the people sitting at that super cute picnic set up on the beach! This sequence of photos are some of my favorite from the whole day. We couldn’t have asked for a better reaction to this surprise baby sprinkle.

I’m So Thankful!

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to help organize such a special event, and have loved getting to share the details with you all. If you are local to Los Angeles, or to the South Bay specifically, I highly recommend you try out both Behind Doors and Leora Lorraine Photography! The day wouldn’t have been a success without either of them! I am definitely feeling spoiled when it comes to planning events now and it will be tough to go back to doing all of the set up and tear down myself! Haha!

Thank you for being here and for taking the time to read all about this surprise Beach Picnic Baby Sprinkle! I’m going to link below all of the businesses mentioned and also the PDF’s of the paper activities I designed just in case any of you reading this are planning a shower, or sprinkle for one of your loved ones. It feels good to be back writing again.



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