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So Jaded Palette

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The So Jaded Palette

Familia, welcome back! I have been working on this project for longer than I’d like to admit. However it is officially live, my new series on YouTube: Grace and Lipstick BFF Chats [or G&L BFF Chats]. My first episode features the So Jaded Palette by Colourpop x Kathleenlights. So before I take off rambling, check out my video below! Fair warning: its a long one so grab your makeup, a cup of coffee, glass of wine, and/or a snack! Happy watching!

Let’s Talk G&L BFF Chats

I want to explain my heart behind creating this series. First off, the name was thought of post filming. I knew I wanted to film a casual, hangout type video, so I set up my camera and pressed record. After watching and editing this video for WEEKS, the name idea sort of just appeared. BFF Chats are exactly the vibe I am going for with this type of video.

Not only do I plan to do more beauty related BFF Chats but I also want to incorporate faith and lifestyle as well. Personally, the type of videos on Youtube that feel like I am hanging out with one of my best friends are my favorite to watch. So naturally they are the type I am inclined to make as well.

The So Jaded Palette

Now let’s talk about the makeup! As you saw in the video, this palette was more intimidating than I had imagined. I really struggled trying to be creative and get out of my comfort zone. However, after breaking the seal and learning what a few of the shadows looked like, I found my groove. I have been using the palette for about a month and have had so much fun coming up with new looks. Each time I use it I think of something new.

I plan to share with you a few of my looks on Instagram stories. That way if you have this palette, you can have some inspiration from a non professional makeup lover. Colourpop has one of the best eyeshadow formulas and their affordable pricing can’t be beat. Perfect for the holidays!

Thanks for Watching!

I am so relieved this video is finally out because it was a beast to edit and I clearly filmed it before Halloween lol. If you watched it, three cheers for you because it was a long one! But I appreciate it. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy these types of videos too and also your thoughts on this palette! Until next time,

xoxo Aly

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