Welcome to Grace and Lipstick Part 1

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Aly Christine looking in the mirror

Welcome to Grace and Lipstick, my beauty and faith lifestyle blog! My name is Aly Christine and I am a 25 year old, single girl living in Redondo Beach. Here you will find tips on how to style and take care of your hair, makeup tips for the novice, and an active discussion about being a Believer in Los Angeles. Now that we have that out of the way, lets move on to some more interesting stuff…

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Who Am I?

Founder of Grace and Lipstick

Aly Christine on the Green belt

Its safe to say the first five years of my twenties have been wildly random, full of self exploration, and clouded by feelings of doubt, fear, and loneliness. Don’t get me wrong, these past five years have been some of the best of my life thus far, but before I get carried away with a long list of reasons why I love my life, I want to stay on task. Why am I here, and why should you be here? In 2013 I graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a B.A. in Psychology. From there I apprenticed under my sister’s license for two years to get my cosmetology license in 2015. Currently I am my 96 year old grandmothers full time caretaker and a part-time babysitter to two sweet boys [3 year old and 10 month old].

There are two things that have remained a constant stronghold on my journey through adulthood. First and foremost, my faith in Jesus as my Lord and Savior and second, my love [or obsession really] for all things beauty. Hence the title of my blog, Grace and Lipstick. The only way I have survived being a twenty-something single girl living in Los Angeles, is with a little lipstick and a whole lot of grace!! 

What is Grace and Lipstick?

That is where this blog comes in…I wanted to create a space where women like me can come and be inspired and encouraged. Whether that be by discovering new hair styling techniques, learning a few makeup tips, or discovering lifestyle similarities.  We all seem to be going through life trying to be strong, successful, and independent women. At the same time we’re expected to be effortlessly beautiful, sweet, and charming. I say, why not go through it together? Let’s figure out just how to navigate this world with grace and lipstick! I want this to be a place where any woman, of any skill level or life stage can come and learn something new, laugh or cry and just be present.

Come join me on this journey if you, like me, want a place where you can learn hair and makeup tips and tricks, discover new brands and products, and also be spiritually fed through scripture and fellowship! I want this blog to be a space that is positive, inspiring, informative, and up-lifting. Incorporating knowledge from the professional hair industry, experience with makeup products and brands, and a well informed written voice on world matters. I would love to meet and greet you personally so feel free to connect me on Twitter @_AlyChristine or Instagram @graceandlipstick or simply subscribe to be notified of any future blog posts! 

xoxo – Aly

Photo Credit goes to Em Taylor Photo.

Hair by Tricia Wood.

Makeup by Aly Christine.

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