5 Reasons Why I Wanted To Become A Blogger

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5 Reasons to become a blogger

Hello! I am sitting here at my vanity and it feels good to be back at it…this lovely thing called blogging. This past week I found myself reminiscing on the period of time when I was contemplating launching a blog. It wasn’t something I had ever saw myself doing or dreamt of. So today I want to share with you 5 reasons why I wanted to become a blogger.

One night I felt God put the idea into my brain and it sort of sprang from there. It was definitely one of those divine intervention type of moments because once the concept was there…all of the ideas and creativity began to flow. Everything rolled forward from that moment on and each day it clicked more and more. This is my perfect endeavor and I am so thankful to God that I am in a place where I can pursue this passion. Without further ado, here are my…

Five Reasons to Become a Blogger

1. To Become A More Avid Blog Reader

Become a Blogger
Due to the fact that my room is in transition…this is my current office and where I spend a lot of my time writing/reading blogs.

The first thing that excited me about launching a blog is that I would have a reason beyond desire to go out and find new blogs to read. At that point in my life, I spent a lot of my time on social media and YouTube but had yet to fall in love with reading blogs. [Beyond the weekly bachelor blogs of course!] There were a few blogs I knew of at that time including www.aliluvs.com which is ran by Ali Fedotowsky who was one of my favorite Bachelorettes. I had also stumbled upon The Little Duck Wife which is ran by Mary-Kate Robinson from Duck Dynasty. Another huge inspiration I found was Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential.

All of these women “blog” about different things and in different ways. I connected with each of their blogs in one way or another and I loved spending time on their sites. So that was one of the reasons I thought blogging may be a good fit for me. I could explore the interweb, find and read a plethora of blogs all day…and call it research!! haha.

2. To Be Held Accountable To My Devotion Time

Bible and Journal

Grace and Lipstick is a mixture between living a lifestyle of faith and being beauty obsessed. One area I wanted to incorporate into my blog was sharing scripture, advice, lessons learned, or something of the type. I figured if I made it part of my job I would be more determined to make a daily habit of reading my bible, listening to podcasts, reading a devotional, etc.

I was inspired by watching the daily vlogs of LexAndLos on YouTube. Everyday they would bring a camera and record their daily life. At the end of every vlog [or as often as they could] they would conclude with a W.O.W. or Words of Wisdom. This would either be something God put on their heart for the day, a verse they had been praying over, or a lesson they learned. It varied day to day but it was my favorite part of their vlogs.

What really stood out to me was that they weren’t dedicating their entire vlogs to talking about God, or preaching, or reading their bibles. They were just living their lives with the Holy Spirit and this became a underlying breath that spoke to their audience amongst the normality of daily life. It spoke to people with where they were at each on their own journeys. I want Grace and Lipstick to be like that. In order to do that, I need to be better at prioritizing my time with God and fellowshipping with other Believers.

3. To Build a Community With Like Minded People

This is my current community…dogs lol and my usual view when I’m working.

That brings me to the next reason I wanted to be a blogger. Meeting and connecting with people who like me LOVE makeup and/or LOVE Jesus. Even further other women or men who are in a similar life stage as me and can relate to my trials and triumphs. Already in under a year I have connected with some amazing people who are other bloggers and I’m so excited to one day connect with readers of Grace and Lipstick. So far the community of friends and family that read are so extremely supportive and encouraging which is more than I could ask for.

In this current day and age I know and have read about so many people that lack connection in their day to day life. More and more people are no longer in school and working in unconventional ways that make socializing and building a community tougher than ever. I personally experienced this moving back home after college and working from home now. I knew the potential of a community I could find by being a blogger and that was incentive enough.

4. To Share The Knowledge I’ve Been Blessed To Attain

I literally got up while writing this post and took this shot. Does it get more real than this? Sometimes you have to share the reality behind the beautiful blog photos.

Like I said earlier, I never thought I would ever have my own blog. However, looking back at my life up to this point, you may not believe me. When I was younger something I would often do for fun was play with makeup and take pictures or make videos. I always loved having my hair and makeup done and was so lucky my oldest sister chose it as her career. Post high school I went to a private christian college not really sure what career I was pursuing. But I knew I loved learning about Psychology and wanted to grow stronger in my faith. After changing my major a few times I ultimately got my Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I grew so much as a person and ultimately matured as a Christian.

Not only did I graduate with a wealthier knowledge of God, people and how our great minds work, but I discovered a love for writing. That was thanks mainly to the copious amounts of papers you have to write in college.

Once I graduated and student loans kicked in, I took a job assisting my sister who is a hair dresser. I was accepted into an apprenticeship program and ultimately acquired my cosmetology license. After attaining all of this knowledge, I was still stumped as to what the heck I was suppose to do with it all!

That was until God whispered in my ear…”you could start a blog”. Grace and Lipstick allows me to incorporate all of my passions and knowledge and share them with the world.

5. To Become A Better Writer and Storyteller

I’m going to eventually convert this area into a work desk so stay tuned!

Growing up I was always a good reader. It was something I picked up fast and was told I was good at. However I never identified as someone who loved reading until high school. It was always a homework task, something I did to fall asleep or what my mom made me do when I told her I was bored. I’m honestly a little ashamed to admit that Twilight was the book that changed it all for me. I became obsessed with reading and would literally want to read at all hours of the day. Around that time is also when I felt more interested in writing.

It started as typed notes to myself [like a journal] or when I was given a creative writing assignment.  Writing is something I turn to when I’m having a lot of emotions or going through a hard time. I always feel a million times better after getting it all out on paper or screen. It’s never been something I share with other people. Being able to write your thoughts out without the worry of anyone else reading them, just a conversation between you and God, is so therapeutic.

This blog has been the best outlet for that part of me. I find it hard to keep myself from writing a long post. Once I sit down and begin writing about something I am passionate about the words just flow. It has been the best form of self expression. I love it. Writing is something I am excited to get better at and do more often.

Well there you have it!

It was so nice being able to make a post dictating all the reasons that inspired me to launch Grace and Lipstick. I’ll forever have this post to look back on and to remember this time. I’m excited with how everything has gone thus far. But I am even more excited to see all the places Grace and Lipstick will go. Speaking of…I am planning to roll out a new series on Grace and Lipstick soon!

G&L Highlights

One reason I was inspired to write this post is because I thought of a good way to incorporate all of my passions along with posting more often. I am going to be rolling out a series on Grace and Lipstick called G&L Highlights. Each week [or as often as possible] I will highlight something from makeup/skincare, hair, and inspiration/faith based that stuck out to me or that I loved. I hope for these posts to be short and sweet, straight to the point. We’ll see how well I can execute that. However I am so excited to start this and hope you guys are too! Get ready to discover some new makeup finds, great hair products/tools, and get inspired!

Much love!

xoxo Aly



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  1. I love this! The blogging community is one I am blessed to be apart of, and I think it is so great to interact with women who have similar interests. I loved how you said you wanted to create a community of like-minded people. With your skill set and knowledge, people are able to seek out your advice simply by accessing your blog. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

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