Easy Ways to Better Your Skincare

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SKINCARE. Big, bold, and scary. Skincare is a world in and of itself. What is skincare and why is it important? This is a question I did not have an answer to until probably the last year, and I’m still figuring it out to be honest.

For as long as I can remember I’ve dealt with skin issues; starting way back in those prepubescent middle school years. Our bodies start to change and all of a sudden our face is oily, and spotted. At that point in my life, I had two older sisters who already went through this. However, our relationships at this point in life were less of the ‘let me help you navigate life’ and more of the ‘get out of my room and leave me and my friends alone’. Totally normal behavior and I know I’m definitely not the only youngest sibling who went through this.

So what is a young girl to do? I had my mom take me to CVS and buy me a face wash and foundation. Two things I knew NOTHING about but would begin to use on a [semi] regular basis. This is how my relationship started with skincare and makeup.

So where am I now? I like to think I have a better handle on the situation then I did back then. I will admit there are weeks when I am regular with my skincare schedule and others when I’m semi-regular. I’m still human. However, I am SO much more aware of how my actions and circumstances directly impact the way my skin behaves.

How You Can Up Your Skincare Game:

1. Wash your pillow cases once a week.

Along with keeping your pillowcases clean… making your bed with the pillow your face hits under the covers makes a huge difference! Especially when you have dogs like mine whose favorite spot to lounge is right on my pillow. If you want to take this step even further [which i’ve yet to do] I have heard that using a silk pillowcase is not only the best thing for your skin but also for your hair! I definitely plan to try this at some point. I would love to try this one at some point but it is quite pricey so maybe once I’ve won the lottery! Lol. 

2.   Deep clean your makeup brushes OFTEN.

This point needs a post of it’s own but for now I’ll leave it at the fact that each time your brush touches your face it collects the bacteria from that days breakout and spreads it to your face the next day. Clean brushes make such a huge difference. Depending on how often you are using your brushes, a good rule of thumb is to deep clean them every two weeks. A good spot cleaning product I use in between deep cleans is called Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner. I mainly use this on brushes that I apply wet products with such as foundation or cream shadow. Those brushes in particular harvest the most bacteria. 

3.   Take your makeup off before bed.

I’m going to be 100% honest here. This is my blog therefore I’m declaring it a safe space free of judgment and that goes both ways. This step usually involves scrubbing my face [probably way too roughly] with a makeup removing wipe while sitting in bed. This should definitely be followed by washing my face in the sink, applying a spot treatment, and a nighttime moisturizer. [and sometimes more!] But taking off your makeup even if just with a makeup removing wipe will be majorly beneficial in the end. I am currently using Kirkland Signature Facial Towelettes which Costco has a great price for but I also love the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes.

These are three of the simplest steps I take that have helped my skin out so much. Beyond these three there are a plethora of products I have tried and tested and love. I can do a product recommendation and skincare routine in a future post if you’re interested. Let me know in the comment section below!

Dealing with Imperfect Skin

Discovering my love for makeup in turn sparked my interest and love for skincare because if you don’t have a nice surface to start with then doing makeup is that much more difficult. Skin issues are rough to deal with and there were times in my life where I would have been horrified to be caught in a photo with no makeup on and my bare skin exposed. 

I only felt comfortable if I covered my acne [which was still very visible and obvious] and hated even looking at myself in the mirror without makeup. I felt helpless and stuck with a problem I didn’t know there was a solution to. Thankfully I have grown leaps and bounds since then with the help of supportive friends, learning to practice self love, and lots and lots of prayer!


I’ll never forget the process I went through to get to this place, it was a scary and uncomfortable time, but one I will forever be grateful for. I’d love to share that experience with you in a future post as it had a lot more to deal with than just not loving my skin. For now, I’ll leave you with this…

We are all made uniquely and beautifully by the hand of God. He gave us these bodies to be treated as temples and entrusted us to take good care of them. Not only does that mean with good skincare routines and healthy eating habits but it also has to do with the way we speak and think about ourselves.

We are created in the image of God and that is such an amazing fact. Loving yourself is so important and changes your life in more ways than one. If taking better care of your skin helps you love yourself more then thats a step in the right direction. I hope these quick tips and encouragement help you do just that and motivate you to start the journey towards truly appreciating the beauty of your bare face.

-xoxo Aly

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