The Tropical Baby Shower that Did it All

Tropical Baby Shower

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“Oh what a beautiful mooorrnninggg…oh what a beautiful dayyyyyy!” Haha don’t ask me why but that song popped into my head when I sat down to write this post. To be honest it’s currently 10:49pm and I am babysitting. I’ve been selecting and editing photos from my sister Liz’s baby shower that I want to share with you. I think that this song embodies the feeling I had the day AFTER the shower was over. Don’t get me wrong I was overjoyed to throw the shower and everything went well! The decorations were a hit and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves including the mom-to-be! However, the month leading up to this fun event was basically 100% consumed with baby shower planning. So I am so ready and so proud to share with you the cute details of the Tropical Baby Shower my mom, sister, and I threw.

Tropical Baby Shower

Our idea for this shower was to have a cozy but chic tropical atmosphere that was sprinkled with pinterest-esque decor and details. My sister Tricia and I both tend to out-do ourselves with things like this. Mainly because we enjoy shopping, planning, crafting, and gifting. For months we hunted for the perfect pillows, throws, and even had a sewing party. I have to say this palm branch frame [which was Tricia’s genius] was one of my favorite pieces!! It tied everything together and made the perfect focal point.

Tropical Baby Shower

It’s in The Details

One of the most fun ideas we had was to have people sit on our lawn rather than at tables. I felt it would create a more personal casual ambiance. These cute, low to the floor, table seating areas were so easy to make and really created a cozy feel. And the pineapple flower center pieces were the cherry on top!







The Mom To Be’s Beauty Look

My sister Liz was absolutely glowing! Her look came together so effortlessly. She had only recently made the drastic transition from a hot and fiery red head to this sultry and moody blue. In combination with the gorgeous flower crown Tricia made [out of FRESH flowers] and this amazing maternity dress we found on ASOS, she was the perfect tropical preggo honoree.

Tropical Maternity Dress

I made sure to grab a few quick pictures of my best girl Mari’s crown braid. She came over the night before and helped us prepare for the shower. After getting up early and being my side kick for all baby shower duties we only had a short amount of time to get ready. It was a hot day so she wanted to get her hair off her neck but still have it cute for photos. The least I could do was QUICKLY whip out this cute crown braid. I think it perfectly complemented her makeup and adorable dress! I’m not joking when I say this was a one and done 10 minute braid that her scalp paid for because I was rushing. But it came out cute right?! So that makes it worth it!

Crown Braid

Speaking of Mom’s To Be…

One of the great benefits of hosting a baby shower was getting to visit with so many loved ones! People came from near and far, new friends and old friends. I felt so happy that my sister has so many people who love and support her through this pregnancy and her first child.

Another exciting moment was getting to document the early stages of my good friend Lauren’s first pregnancy! Little did we know her sweet baby belly was hosting a boy! Going from middle school to high school to college and beyond with these girls has been the biggest blessing! And each one of them pulled up with the cutest baby shower looks head to toe!

Tropical Baby Shower

The Need to Nails

My gorgeous sister Liz [the one in the AMAZING flower crown below] took the best picture of my tropical manicure. I’ve been going to a new nail lady for the last year and she always impresses me with her artistry. I found inspiration via Pinterest…as always…and she put her creative touch on it to create this gorgeous palm branch nail. She also picked out the perfect pink that wasn’t too bright but clearly paid homage to my sweet niece.

Tropical Baby Shower

And We Made it to The End

Just as I was breathing a breath of fresh air the morning after the baby shower…i’m sure you’re relieved to be done reading through this post. Assuming you made it this far haha. I know this post was more of a personal one and I definitely took the opportunity to boast about my talented and beautiful sisters. I am so blessed to have the family and friends I do and this shower was surely a testament to that.

I’ll be back sooner than later with a fun post sharing my love and knowledge for hair and makeup! If you have any requests or suggestions please leave a comment below! I made sure to provide links below for some of the products I used to get ready for this special day.

xoxo, Aly

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