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Hi friends! Wow, what a whirlwind life has been lately. Since my last post I feel like life has sped up into hyper drive. I’m still getting the hang of being a blogger and there is definitely a learning curve. Please bare with me while I figure out my rhythm and niche.

Part of me feels like I am overthinking this. I’m spending too much time in the research phase and not enough in the authentic practice of blogging. There are so many bloggers out there that I can gain inspiration from. I have to remember to create authentic content and avoid comparison. This leads me to this post. I’ve been more focused on “beauty” in my past few posts and I think it’s time to touch on “lifestyle”.

What I’ve Been Up To

So much has happened since my last post which was BEFORE Memorial Day! [Shame…] I thought it might be fun to share a little update on what I’ve been up to.

Memorial Day was a blast! My cousin’s came to town and we visited Fiesta Hermosa. This has become an annual tradition of ours that I look forward to because it is basically the launch of summer festivities. We did not take many photos this year which to me always means we had fun. I’ll try to be more blogger focused in the future, haha. Looking back on photos of Memorial Weekend’s past I remember last year really struggling with keeping my red lipstick neat. It wasn’t a matte formula so with being at the beach combined with all the food and drinks it made a huge mess.

Too Faced Liquid Lipstick

This year I was eager to test out a new liquid lipstick I purchased by Too Faced. It is a matte liquid lipstick that completely dries down after you apply it. I would say that it wore pretty well; definitely better than the one I wore last year. One thing to note is that after eating anything that has oil, it no longer stays matte and begins to transfer a bit more. This lipstick still has major lasting power! I would definitely wear it again and plan to. Plus the color is the perfect classic red that works for any occasion!

The Never Ending Weekend

A few weeks later I had a jam packed weekend full of fun-tivities. It started with a trip to Los Angeles with my friend Mari. She was out of town the weekend of my birthday so she surprised me with tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream in downtown Los Angeles. This also happened to be the same day that we planned to celebrate my friend Kristina’s birthday also in LA. This meant I had to figure out a makeup look that could pass for day-time photos and quickly transition into night-out birthday photos. [yes I plan my makeup looks for photo-ops…obviously haha]

Museum of Ice Cream

Mari and I made our way out to LA in the early afternoon to grab lunch at Urth Caffe. I knew we were in for a hot day when we arrived and could already feel the sun beating down. I have combination/oily skin which doesn’t mix well with foundation and a hot day. However, thanks to a few key makeup products I would say my face withstood the heat! My current go-to foundation has been the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear. Usually I set my t-zone with RCMA No Color Powder and the rest of my face with Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Face Powder. I am pleased to report that we had no face melting situations!! The photos prove it and this foundation truly impressed me.

Museum of Ice Cream Museum of Ice Cream

Transitioning from Day to Night

I only had about 30 minutes once I got back home to Redondo to transition my look from Museum of Ice Cream to Escape Room and Birthday Dinner. Due to the fact that it was an extremely hot day I had to take off my face makeup. I just felt gross and needed a reboot. So I carefully removed then reapplied my face makeup while strategically avoiding my eye area. Then I popped on my favorite false lashes [KoKo Lashes Queen B] to add drama to my eyes and a bold lip [ColourPop Barracuda]. That’s all it took! When going out for a celebration and knowing we will be taking pictures I almost always wear a lash and bold lip.

Escape IQ

Downtown LA Art District

I’m Gonna Be an Auntie!

The next day I had to get up very early [630am!!] to quickly get dressed for volunteering in the kid’s ministry at Reality LA. I am not a morning person in any sense so this always proves to be difficult for me. I am lucky if I get a lick of makeup on before running out to my car. On this day in particular however, I was going to my sister Liz and her husband Rod’s gender reveal party for their first baby right after. I knew we would be taking a ton of photos so there was no way I was going to go sans makeup.

Before leaving that morning I managed to get my face makeup, brows, and mascara applied. This made getting ready once I got home super quick and easy. All I did was swipe a quick eyeshadow look on, applied a bold winged liner [in lieu of false lashes] and a bold lip. I find that if I focus on making my eyes and lips pop I tend to like the photos better. Classic rule of thumb…for me at least.

Gender Reveal It's a Girl

The look I pulled together worked out because we were all so surprised to find out Liz and Rod are having a baby girl! My first niece. This was such a proud moment for me as a sister and I cannot wait to be an auntie to a sweet baby girl.

Discovering a New Caffe

After that plan filled weekend I was thankful to return back to my weekly routine of taking care of Grandma Jessie and blogging. That led me to visit the cutest caffe my mom told me about in Redondo Beach. It is called Paris Baguette. I love working at coffee shops and caffe’s and don’t know of too many I can go to locally. I had more options when I was in college but since then have rotated between Starbucks and Catalina Coffee. If you know of any local places I should check out with free wifi and good coffee let me know in the comments below!

Paris Baguette

Grandma loves coffee and desserts [which must be where I got it from] so I ordered us a few things to sample. The earl grey macaroon here is to die for and the pain au chocolat [croissant looking thing] was way better than I thought it would be as well. One thingI love about this place is that they come around with little samples! In the photo above you can see the fruit filled cake they brought a sample of which she told me was a best seller. I can see why! It was so light and fluffy and filled with fresh fruit. We also got a sample of their honeycomb cold brew which was delicious. I’ve never experienced a caffe that samples a drink so I thought that was special.

Grandma Jessie Paris Baguette

The Blogging Struggle

I came to the caffe specifically to work on a blog post about one of my favorite spot treatments. I had been planning it my head for at least two weeks. However, when I sat down to type it out…I really struggled. My desire in creating this space was to share my beauty loves, review products and share tips on how to do certain hair or makeup techniques. At the same time…I wanted it to be a space that is inspiring and uplifting, positive and authentic, and something people can relate to.

Finding a balance between all of that is proving to be harder than I imagined. That is what led me to this post. It is different than what I have shared thus far. At the same time, it feels way more natural and easy. I’ve enjoyed writing it and recapping all of the different things I’ve done and the different beauty looks i’ve worn. Did you enjoy reading it? Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

My Secret Weapon for Spot Treating Acne

One thing I learned far too late in life is the importance of not picking at your acne. I now have certain areas of my face that have indentations caused by acne scars. If only I had known way back when that all I needed was TEA TREE OIL. Ever since discovering the amazing healing power of tea tree oil I really never feel the need to pick at my face.

Over the years I have tried this or that to treat any spots on my face. While they may have worked okay…nothing compares to the results I have seen with using this magical oil. It wasn’t until I was let in on the secret by a sales associate at The Body Shop. She gave my sister and I samples of their Tea Tree Oil and told us we could use it as a spot treatment. My life was forever changed!

Currently I am using this oil I purchased from amazon. After cleansing my face [or even just after using a makeup wipe] I will wet one side of a cotton swap, cover it in a few drops of tea tree oil and then apply it to any area that has or may be forming a spot. Ps. am I the only one who hates the word pimple? Haha! After applying my moisturizer I get a good nights sleep and the next morning my blemish is visibly reduced if not gone!

Well there you have it!! I’ve shared my secret weapon for clear skin while updating you on how life as a blogger as been thus far. Are you going to try using tea tree oil on your blemishes? Did you prefer this form of post compared to my others? What type of beauty questions do you have? I’d love to hear from you!

xoxo Aly

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