How To Get The Most Out Of The Mascaras You Don’t Love

Making Mascara you don't love work

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Hi Lovelies, today when I was doing my mascara, inspiration struck and I knew this had to be my next post. I want to share with you how to get the most out of the masacaras you just don’t love. I know I can’t be the only one who has a collection of sample sized mascaras or mascaras that were gifted to me that I’m just not a fan of. What do you guys usually do with them? Toss it? Give it away? Not me haha. I keep them in my makeup drawer and lately I’ve been on a mission to use them up!

Making the most out of mascaras you don't love

Where did all of these mascaras come from?

First off lets discuss how I even got this collection of mini mascaras and misfits. When I first began to dip into the world of makeup, I signed up for a beauty subscription bag. Every month, I would receive a grab bag of sample sized products to try out. Then I signed up for more and was getting full sized products to try out. Of course, I was also spending a good amount of time on YouTube. All of those lovely beauty gurus were SELLING me on their favorite mascaras that I had to go out and try for myself.

So there lies the problem. Way too many mascaras and half of them I don’t even like. Currently, I used up my favorite mascara and instead of going out to buy a new tube, I decided that I wanted to whittle down my collection so they don’t just go to waste.

Making the most out of mascaras you don't love

What is the problem with these mascaras? Don’t they all do the same thing?

Everyone has their own preference for mascara. Some people like their lashes to be lengthened but light and wispy. Others like them to be voluminous, thicker and bold. To each their own. Personally I like mine to be lengthened and volumized but don’t want them to be clumpy.

Making the most out of mascaras you don't love

Making the most out of mascaras you don't love

There is also the problem that some mascaras have a wet formula while others have a dry formula. The problem you can have with a wet formula is that they can be more messy and don’t add much volume to your lash. On the other hand, a dry formula may get too clumpy and might not add any length.

Making the most out of mascaras you don't love

Making the most out of mascaras you don't love

Lastly there is the application wand! These application spoolies can make all the difference in a mascara you love and one you don’t. There is actually a variety of options; they can be: rubber, bristle, big, small, hourglass shape, cone shape, round, rod shaped, etc. Let me tell you…brands are very creative these days!

Making the most out of mascaras you don't love

How to make mascaras you don’t like work for you

We’ve finally come to the part where I share my method for making mascaras I don’t love work for me. [It really isn’t that serious…I feel like we’ve had a bit of build up here, haha]

Making the most out of mascaras you don't love

The way I use up the mascaras I don’t love is by using more than one. For example I will start by applying a coat of one mascara that makes my lashes neatly separated and lengthened. I don’t love this mascara because it adds absolutely no volume and doesn’t bring my desired drama. Then I follow up with my second coat using a mascara that adds a ton of volume and darkness. The reason I don’t love this mascara is because on its own it gets clumpy fast and too thick.

Then at the very end if my lashes end up being clumpy or if there is any problem area, I go in with a metal lash comb and fix it. Voila!

You could also just find your favorite mascara and stick to it

Clearly this method is really only useful if you, like me, have a good stock of mascaras that you don’t want to just throw away. I also want to add that I’m not the pickiest person and am willing to put in the extra effort to make it work. I have found mascaras that I love; they are lengthening, add volume, apply perfectly with the spoolie and are the perfect amount of wet/dry. However, I am okay using up the ones I currently own before going out and restocking my favorite.

Let me just say that not all mascaras can be salvaged. Sometimes a mascara just doesn’t work for me, or has dried out, to the point where I do just have to toss it. But regardless…I am still narrowing down my collection so it’s all good!

I hope this post has inspired you to utilize the makeup you have already purchased/were gifted and not let it go to waste! Anyone else out there like me and have a substantial [embarrassing] amount of sample mascaras?

xoxo Aly

Making the most out of mascaras you don't love

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How to get the most out of mascaras you don't love

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