How to Get Your Hair to Be Less Oily

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Lets just get straight to the point… If you want your hair to be less oily, you have to stop washing it everyday! I know this seems counterintuitive but take it from me…a former oily haired daily washer…this works! If you want to find out exactly how to get away without washing your hair for up to 7 days…keep reading.

Growing up my routine was to wash my hair every night before bed. Often times I wouldn’t even bother to brush it because my hair was so long and it was really hard to brush it out while wet. I would crawl into bed with wet, tangly hair every night, and wake up with messy, kinked, and knotted hair. The only way I could walk out of the house looking semi put together was with hot tools. Looking back I cannot believe I used to do that everyday. It is safe to say my hair care routine has GREATLY improved since then.

Training Your Hair to Be Less Oily

Starting in college, I slowly began elongating the amount of days I could push a style. With the help of a good blowout, a few essential products, and a couple hair tricks, I could eventually pull off cute hair for up to SEVEN days without rewashing it.

I feel the need to express however, that I don’t always go seven days without washing my hair. I can admit that I almost ALWAYS go at least four days before washing my hair.

So how can you get hair that you can restyle and wear confidently day after day? For starters you have to stop using shampoo everyday. You aren’t going to stop having oily hair immediately after skipping a day of washing. You have to train your hair over time to stop over producing oil.

Why is Your Hair Oily to Begin With?

When I tell people that I am on day four or five with out washing…I almost always hear this response:

“I wish I could do that but I have to wash my hair everyday because it is so oily!”

Here’s the deal… your scalp is over producing oil because you are stripping your hair of it’s natural oils by over washing it. Oil is good for your hair and scalp which is why our bodies were made to produce it in the first place. After a few weeks of skipping a day or two without shampooing your hair, you will begin to notice that your hair is less oily. At this point, you can even begin to push it to three or four days!! [or more if you’re a rebel like me lol]

How to Make Your Hair Last for 7 Days

Ok so now you know why you need to stop shampooing your hair everyday. You also know that it takes time to train your hair to stop over producing oil. Now I want to share with you exactly what steps I take to have my hair last for 7 days without washing it.

Day 1:

After getting out of the shower, I towel dry my hair and apply three essential products while it is damp. I start off by spraying a reparative product like It’s A Ten Miracle Leave In all over my hair from mid shaft to the ends. Next I spray a product that will help hold the style and make it last. A good one I use is Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydromist Blowout Spray . Lastly I spread a pump of oil over the palms of my hands and gently apply it all over the ends of my hair. This part is crucial… especially if you have chemically or heat damaged hair. Two of my favorite oils are Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil and Marula Oil Rare Oil Treatment which I actually combine together.

Once all of my products are applied I brush through my wet hair using a WET BRUSH which has been an actual life saver! If you have never tried one of these you definitely need to! I’ve never enjoyed brushing my hair until I used a Wet Brush. The final step for day one is I give myself a good blowout ensuring that I smooth down all my ends.


All the steps mentioned thus far are important but this last one is the MOST important. My hair always lasts longer with less oil if I start off on the right foot with a good blow dry. I’ve tried letting my hair air dry and then try to re-style it the next day and it simply didn’t last as long. If you take the time to do day one right, it will pay off when you’re on day two and so on. Finally, before bed I throw my hair up in a high pony tail and secure it with a creaseless hair tie like the InvisiBobble. When my hair was longer, I would twist it up into a high bun and secure it with a clip.

Day 2:

Day two is my favorite hair day because it is the easiest and the fastest. After taking my hair down from it’s high pony, I apply an AMPLE amount of my favorite dry shampoo Blow Pro Faux Dry. Then I grab the best shine spray ever which is also a heat protectant, AG Firewall, and spray this all over the ends of my hair. I grab my Wet Brush and brush though my hair…and done! On day two your hair is still pretty fresh and smooth so there is no need to style it any differently than your day one hair.

Day 3:

Day three is when I start to feel like it is time to switch it up. My go to trick for day three is to add texture. I like to add wavy loose curls using my 1″ curling wand but you can go for whatever method you prefer. Before curling my hair I apply more dry shampoo at the roots and shine spray on my ends. It’s important to rehydrate your ends with oil especially when you are soaking up all your natural oil with the dry shampoo. My favorite hairspray to set my curls is Paul Mitchell’s Hold Me Tight because it provides hold without leaving your hair feeling dirty or stiff. At the end of the day I put my hair up in the same high pony or twisted in a high bun.

Day 4:

Similarly to day two, day four is easy and quick because your curls are only one day old. I’m a fan of messy textured hair so that may play in my favor when extending a style. By this point I find that my hair does not need more dry shampoo but I definitely add some more shine spray to the ends. This also helps freshen up the scent of your hair. Some days after shaking my hair down from it’s sleeping position all I need to do is add a little hairspray, tousle my hair and I’m done. Other days I quickly grab my 1″ curling wand and throw a few more waves onto the top of my hair to spruce it up. Either way it’s a quick style and I embrace the lived in, effortless look.

Day 5:

By day five it is definitely time to start pulling some hair back from your face. My favorite part about this day is there is enough product build up and texture to pull off some pretty awesome braids. Braids stay put so much better when your hair isn’t clean and silky, They are also versatile so you can create many different looks. Whether you braid back your fringe and leave the back down or pull all your hair back into a braid you can’t go wrong with a braid.

Day 6:

If I am lucky enough [or lazy enough] to make it to day 6, my hair is definitely starting to feel less flowy and touchable. Due to this I tend to choose a half up messy bun, or messy pony. Notice that as the days go by, I’m no longer needing to add dry shampoo or products to my hair because they are already there!! Skipping shampoo really does simplify your get ready time. Another bonus is that you actually save a lot of money on shampoo!

Day 7:

Usually I get to day 7 on accident. I put off washing my hair day 6 and now I don’t have time or the means to wash my hair and style it new. So if I do make it to day 7 my absolute go to is gonna be a hat!! There are so many variations to hat day. Depending on what activities I have planned for the day, I may put my hair in a pony tail with a cute trucker hat, or wear it down, wavy and textured, and tame it with a cute fedora.

Enjoying Your New Found Hair Freedom

At this point if you’re reading this…I know you are dedicated to no longer having oily hair that you need to wash everyday. I don’t think I could have laid it out in any more detail than I did and I feel that I have amply prepared you for success!! You have a plethora of product recommendations to try out and a step by step guide on styles you can try each day. I hope you have fun on this new journey and I can’t wait to hear how it goes! I would love to see pics of any styles you try on day two or three hair and feel free to reach out if you need any more advice or have questions! Thanks for visiting and see you soon!!

-xoxo Aly

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