Beating the Battle with your Bad Brow

Battle with Bad Brow

We have all been here before. I’m sitting at my mirror doing my makeup and mentally preparing myself to tackle the nemesis that is my bad brow. Anyone who has ever tried filling in their eyebrows with makeup knows all about the “bad brow”. I’m sure it is mainly due to the fact that we […]

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5 Reasons Why I Wanted To Become A Blogger

Hello! I am sitting here at my vanity and it feels good to be back at it…this lovely thing called blogging. This past week I found myself reminiscing on the period of time when I was contemplating launching a blog. It wasn’t something I had ever saw myself doing or dreamt of. So today I want […]

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Easy Holiday Curls || Video Tutorial

Easy Holiday Curls Tutorial

Happy Holidays everyone! As we get closer and closer to Christmas Eve I thought what better gift than to share an easy holiday curls tutorial with you all! This has been my go to style this year for any christmas party, dinner, or gift exchange. It will most likely be my style for Christmas eve […]

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The ULTIMATE Blackhead Removing Pore Strip

Ultimate Blackhead Killer

You guys…I am about to share with you a groundbreaking skincare product. If you are like me and have large pores that seem to be endlessly clogged with black heads…listen closely. The brand I Dew Care has a 3-step blackhead removal kit called “Blackhead Killer Nose Pack 3-Step” and it is AMAZING. The best part […]

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The Makeup Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Today is the day I am sharing my makeup lover’s holiday gift guide! It is finally the holiday season and for me it’s the best time of the year! This season is my absolute favorite. It all starts with Halloween…although this year it began a day earlier when my niece Olivia was born. So starting […]

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Glam Skull Mermaid || Halloween Makeup 2017

Glam Skull Mermaid

Happy Glam-o-ween fellow beauty junkies! Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for most makeup lovers… [That is as far as I got on this post…AND THEN MY NIECE WAS BORN…haha! So now it is November 6 and I am getting back to finishing this post.] A few days before Halloween […]

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