My Vision and Focus for 2019

Vision and Focus for 2019

I really wanted to sit down and share my thoughts and goals for this year. Not necessarily a ‘new year’s resolution’ type post. More of a ‘I’m growing in a new direction and I am excited and eager to see all that this year can bring’ type of post. In summary I am going to be sharing with you my vision and focus for 2019; things I am working on the be the best version of myself.

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Making It Through The Busy Times

It’s the quiet after the storm…i’ve made it through! The past month or so has been crazy, busy, chaotic, and amazing. So many fun events, celebrations, and so much time spent with family and friends. I find myself sitting here in the quiet house just a few days post festivities…ready to write. There is nothing […]

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Are You Afraid of Getting a Haircut?


Is anybody else weirdly afraid of getting a haircut? I’m not talking about the quick dust off the ends type of ‘cut’. I’m talking the take at least an inch off, reshape, and get a new hair style type of haircut. You would think having my cosmetology license and growing up with a hair dresser […]

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A New Season for Grace and Lipstick

Aly Christine

If you haven’t already noticed, things look a little bit different around here. Today I spent the whole day giving Grace and Lipstick a little spruce up. It has been over a year since I launched Grace and Lipstick and I was more than ready to mix things up a bit. Luckily, I have a […]

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Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection

Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection (2)

Today’s post is dedicated to the very controversial, very beautiful Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection. My journey with these palettes has been anything but simple. But I’m not gonna bore you will all the details and just get to it. The collection I purchased on launch day was crap. It did not blend well, […]

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