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Aly Christine

When I started Grace and Lipstick I had no idea how to monetize, or even if I wanted to monetize my blog. My goal was to create a space where I could share my interest in hair, makeup, skin, and also journal my thoughts and feelings. Five years down the line now, I’ve learned a lot and also expanded my network greatly with amazing companies and programs. I always want my passion and creativity to fuel this community, however if I can generate some passive income while doing that, why not?! I truly appreciate any support you can show me even by being here and reading this :]

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If you didn’t already know, shopping for professional hair products on Amazon, Target, or CVS etc. can be a risk! There is no way to know if the product is legitimate unless you purchase it from a salon, your hairdresser, or a certified beauty salon retailer. Otherwise, there is a chance your product has been tampered with and the contents could possibly be replaced with cheaper, less effective, and damaging ingredients. Luckily, the hair industry is finally catching up and creating a way for licensed professionals to retail products ONLINE and you can be assured the products are legitimate. I’ve created a virtual retail shelf that you can shop from below with products from some of my favorite professional hair care brands. [I also linked specific products I’ve tried and trust.]

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